Son of Haji Borai, Mohammadullah Batash is born in 1961 in Imam Sahib District of Kunduz province.
He completed his primary education in Basos School and graduated from Hazrat Imam Sahib High School in 1981.
He completed his BA in social sciences and MA in International Relation in Russia in 2006. He received his PhD from Russia in 2011. 
He worked as an advisor for the Afghan Cabinet Council from 2004 to 2006 and advisor for UNDP development programs till 2008.
Simultaneously, he was board member for Presidential Palace.  
He served as legal advisor for the Independent Directorate of Local Organs (IDLG) till 2009 and served as deputy and acting Transport and Civil Aviation Minister till 2011.
His native language is Uzbek but he speaks Dari, Pashto and English to some extent. Since 2012, he is the governor of Faryab. In 1981, he was member of the leading party of the time. Five years back, he was a key member of Junbish Party, but it is said he has no political affiliation with any political party at present.
Faryab Governor’s Academic Works:
1.      Teaching methodology in higher education institutes, printed in 1988.
2.      Afghanistan history up to formation of central government, printed in 1989.
3.      Afghanistan from formation of central government up to independence, printed in 1989.
4.      More than 50 articles printed in print media.