1.      National TV:
The Faryab National TV started broadcasting programs on channel 10, frequency 210.25 in 1988.
During its early days, the channel just covered Maimana city and its surroundings but following collapse of Dr. Najibullah government in the beginning of 1991, its transmitter was transferred to a height to the east of Maimana City by General Rasool Pahlawan, National Movement Deputy.
Currently, in addition of Maimana city, it covers the districts of Khaja Sabz Posh, Pashtun Kot, Shirin Tagab, Dawlat Abad and Almar as well.
The channel has been equipped by American Special Forces with financial assistance of $200,000 two years. It now covers around 100 kilometers area till Andkhoy District.
It airs two hours daily programs from 7.00 mm to 8.00 pm and again from 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm.  Mohammad Afzal Omid is its director.
Contact: 0799250662
Email Address: RTA.faryab@gmail.com
2.      National Radio
The National Radio is fast-growing public media in Fayrab which airs programs from Maimana city on medium wave in 1986.
It broadcasts for four hours daily programs from 6.00am to 8.00 am and again from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm. In addition to Maimana city and its suburbs, it covers 60 Kilometers area on FM 87.5 and 104.3 frequencies. The Faryab National Radio was provided financial assistance by the American Special Forces two years ago. Mohammad Afzal is the director of the radio.
Contact: 0799250662
Email Address: RTA.faryab@gmail.com
3.      Radio Tamanna:
Radio Tamanna is a private media and is headed by Abdul GHaffar Rian Shamali. It started broadcasting programs from Maimana city in 2009. The radio airs Salam Watandar Radio, Radio Bayan Shamali and BBC programs for twelve hours daily with covering 30 kilometers area.
In the beginning, it had only 17 hours broadcast with more than 20 employees but now it is joined by five more persons who are working voluntarily.  Abdul Sattar Khwaja Zada is the director of the radio.
Contact: 0790181837
Email Address: Tamanna_radio@yahoo.com
4.      Radio Sehat:
Radio Sehat started broadcasts with the $ 80,000 thousand financial assistance extended by the Kingdom of Narway under the program of the Public Health Department in 2001.
The radio airs 8-hours daily program on FM 88.1. It covers around 30 kilometers area. Although the main target of the radio was only health issues but now it airs NGOs related news and views and music programs as well
Abdul Nasir Mawaj is the director of the radio with 6 staff members.
Contact: 0799686269
Email Address: abdul.naser24@yahoo.com
5.      Radio Maiamana:
Radio Maimana is one of the vibrant media in faryab that started airing in Uzbeki Language by civil society association and the contribution of general public in 2012.  The radio broadcasts for 16 hours daily with covering around 30 kilometers of Faryab suburbs and villages.
The radio continues supporting its expenses through revenue generated by its commercials. Shafi Big Oghli is the managing director with a total of 13 employees among them only five of them get regular salaries.
Contact: 0794156848
6.      Radio Turkistan:
Radio Turkistan is an emerging media outlet in Andkhoy District. It started airing programs in 2012 and headed by Bashir Ahmad. The radio broadcasts on FM 88.9 frequencies for 18 hours daily in Uzbeki and Turkman languages. Among the 16 employees, six of them work voluntarily. Five of the employees are females. Zulmai Azizi is the managing director of the radio.
Contact: 0780376187
Email Address: turkistanfma1@gmail.com
7.      Shirin Tagab Radio:
The radio started airing programs by Gul Mohammad Pahlawan an MP, on FM 89.3 frequencies in 2011. The radio broadcasts 18 hours daily programs, covering Shirin Tagab and Dawlat Abad Districts. The radio airs music which is pilot a program. Mohammad Ibrahim is the chairman of the radio.
Contact: 0780809070
8.      Radio Garbat:
The radio started airing programs with the financial assistance of Norway Kingdom in 2010. It is headed by Qutbuddin Kohi. The radio broadcasts 18 hours daily programs, four hours from Kabul Studio and 14 from Maiman Studio. The radio has 12 employees with only five of them get regular pay. However, after the killing of two COAR’s engineers by Taliban in 2011, the radio has halted programs.
Contact: 0799455006
Email Address: sadayemellat1@gmail.com
9.      Radio Mumtaz:
It is a newly been established medium. Its expenses are being met with the personal budget by Aminullah. It does not so far start airing programs.
Contact: 0790957060
10.   Radio Qoyash:
Radio Qoyash is the first independent women-run radio established with the financial assistance of Canada in Maimana city. It started airing programs on FM 89.0 in 2005.
The radio is being run by women for almost four years and after every six month-period, the head of the radio has to be changed but when Rona Shirzai took the responsibility of the radio, she registered the radio on her own name which sparked reaction from women and civil societies.
The radio has to halt programs for a considerable period of time. After two years, the radio re-launched programs and now broadcasts entertainment programs and music for 12 hours daily.
Currently, the radio is run by five school students voluntarily. Besides the local radios, Radio Ariana has also broadcasts on FM 93.5 and Radio BBC Radio FM 92.1 frequencies in Maimana city for 24 hours.
Contact: 0799250612
Email Address: Monir.rahimi789@yahoo.com
11.   Sadaye Qalam Monthly:  
Sadaye Qalam Monthly is one of the vibrant publications started airing programs by Mohamad Aslam Gudaz in 2004. The monthly journal relating to Faryab Social and Cultural Association use to print 1,000 copies and being circulated in Balkh and Jowz Jan Provinces. Its expenses are met by personal budget of the proprietor of the monthly.  
Contact: 0799455733
12.   Sadaye Millat-biweekly:
The biweekly is free and independent in Faryab and founded by Qutbuddin Kohi in 2005. The biweekly prints 1,500 copies and being circulated in Faryab, Jowz Jan and Balkh Provinces. Its expenses are met by personal budget of the proprietor. It has five employees.
Contact:   0799455006
Email Address: Sadayemillat1@gmail.com
13.   Maiman Periodical: 
The Maiman Periodical Magazine is independent and was founded by Ostad Mohammad Kazim Amini in 2004. As many as 1,000 copies of the periodical are printed with the expenses of proprietor’s personal financial resources. It has four employees.
Contact: 0799124492
Email Address: Kazimamin@gmail.com
14.    Ishanch Monthly: 
Ishanch Monthly is regarded as one of the fast-emerging media. It was founded by youth in 2007. The monthly is printed around 1, 500 copies and being circulated across Faryab. It is being published with the help of subscriptions fund. Three persons are working in the magazine.
Contact: 0799173899
Email Address: karimifiroz@yahoo.com
15.   Faryab Weekly:
The weekly had its links to the Information and Culture Department which was being published with the name of Daily Storai back in 1943. Currently, it has to print as many as 800 copies. Its main source of revenue generation is its subscription fund and commercials.
Contact: 0799274656
16.   Rastagaran Monthly:
Rastagaran Monthly is among the vibrant print media, which was founded by Shah Reza Monshi in 2006. The magazine prints 1,000 copies. It’s budget is being met by personal resources of the proprietor. It has five employees.
Contact: 0799293534
17.   Rahi Azadagan Monthly:
Rahi Azadagan Monthly is s a semi-active magazine founded by Ghulam Jilani Kohistani in 2008. Initially, the magazine was printed 500 copies but currently it is printed periodically due to lack of financial resources. The magazine has three employees.
Contact: 0702882387
18.   Koresh Monthly:
Koresh Monthly is an independent and one of the active publications in Faryab, which was founded by Eng. Mohammad Rasul Ortaq in 2006. The monthly prints 1, 000 copies with the help of its 12 employees. Currently, it has halted its publications.
Contact: 0799271251
Email: Korash1386@yahoo.com
19.   Qarash Monthly:
Qarash Monthly was founded by Abdul Hai in 2011 but after one year it was stopped by Information and Culture and attorney departments.
Contact: 0799622818
Email Address: qarashoyliqi@yahoo.com
20.   Haqiqat Monthly:
Haqiqat Monthly was one of the vibrant print publications founded by Abdul Hamid Shaiq Wisal Faryabi in 2006. The monthly prints 1,000 copies. Fatima Shaiq, Wisal Abdul Hamid’s Wife, was the deputy, his two daughters and two sons were reporters and writers but the monthly has been halted its publication in Faryab since one year. 
Contact: 0799109418
21. Kul Chart Goy Periodical:   
The Kul Chart Goy Periodical was one of the active and satiric media founded by Dr. Naqibullah Faiq. Though it was apparently independent, it was running by the Islamic National Movement led by General Dostum.
In which harsh and nasty satires published addressing government authorities. Kul Chart-Goy prints 1,000 copies. It expenses are being met through its subscriptions and its prices. It stopped publication after Dr. Faiq won as MP. Five employees were working in the monthly.
Contact: 0799820270
22.     Iftikhar Milli Monthly:
Iftikhar Milli Monthly was founded by Dr. Sayed Ahmad Sadat former head of Faryab National Security Department. The monthly reflects views of Jamiat-i- Islami Party and prints 1,000 copies. After Dr. Sadat was murdered in a suicide attack in 2011, the monthly faces multiple problems.
23.   Yeshil Yepragh Monthly:
The monthly was founded by Bashir Ahmad Ta Yench, the sitting MP in 2008. It prints circulate 1,000 copies in Uzbeki Language. The expenses are being met by the District Council of National Movement Party.
Contact: 0799124412
24.    Nedae- Millat Periodical:
The Nedae-Millat Periodical affiliated with Faryab Provincial Council and was started in 2010 with circulation of 1,000 copies. The periodical reflects views of provincial council.
25.    Arman Mujahid Monthly:
The Arman Mujahid Monthly firstly printed in 2010 by Jamiat Islami Party Publication Organ with a total circulation of 1,000 copies.
Contact: 0799198350
Email Address: Amanemojahid@yahoo.com
It merits mention here that monthlies and periodicals such as Kozgo, Olkah and Awaye-Ma related to the Movement Party but Milad Noor and Payam Sa Adat have links to Jamiat Party which was printed in Faryab and now they halted publication.