Ghazni province has eighteen administrative units, including the provincial capital
Provincial capital: Ghazni city is called the city of the beloved (awleya) and has international popularity. The old city and the Bala-i-Hesar (castle) are the symbols of the history of the city, trade has tremendously improved in the city, because it is the hub of four routes to various destination.
Andar: the district is located in the southeast of Ghazni, 30 km from the capital, this is the first grade district based on the administrative grading of Afghanistan Central Statistics Office (CSO), with high density of the population, and two big projects including Sardi Band and Char Dewar are being implemented in this district
Deh Yak: The district is located in the east 18 km and is bordering with Zurmat district of southeastern Paktia province in the east. There is a chromate mine in the district which is still intact.
Zankhan: the district is located in the east in 21 km. it borders with Logar in the east and with Maidan Wardak in the north, there is a water dame named Zanakhan which has historical popularity.
Khwaja Omari: the district is located in the north of Ghazni 16 km, the district is known as Paghman for its greenery and orchards, the farming lands are irrigated by Sultan water dame.
Waghaz: the district is located in the west 14 km. the district is mountainous and the economy of the people is depends on agriculture and livestock.
QaraBagh: The district is located 55 km, in the south of Ghazni city, Zar Sang and Zard Alo dames are located in this district, in addition the Zarkashan gold mine is also located in the west mountainous of the district.
 Gairo: the district is located in 60 km of the provincial capital and borders with Yousaf Khil district of Paktyka province in the east.
Ab Band: The district is located 70 km on Kabul-Kandahar highway, the district borders with Paktyka in the south.
Muqur: the district is located 100 km in the south on Kabul-Kandahar highway and is the first grade and highly populated district.  
Gailan: the district is located 120 km on Kabul-Kandahar highway and borders with Shah Joy district of Zabul in the south.
Nawa: The district is located 155km in the southeast of the provincial capital; the stand water (unmoving water) is also in this district, in the east the district borders with Khushamand and Wazi districts of paktyka province. The district is less populated that is why valuable and rare avis lives in the district
Nawar: the district is located 90 km southwest of the Ghazni city, the Nawar desert is the widest graze for the herds of nomads, the district has long winter and warm summer is less populated.
Jaghori: the district is located 75 km west of Ghazni city. 2/3 of the district is mountainous while, the education has strongly developed in recent years.
Malistan: The district is mountainous and is located 110 km west of the provincial capital.
 Ajristan: the district is located 160 km west of Ghazni city, it borders with Urozgan province, the district crop is very good due to the plenty presence of water and Karez (water streams)
Rashidan: the district is located 21 km north of Ghazni city, it borders with jaghato district of Maidan Wardak province.
Jaghato: the district is located 18 km west of the provincial capital; a water dame named Sarab is located in the district, while the farming land is irrigated through the Sarab dame.
Khugaini: The district is located 12 km west of Ghazni, the income of the residents are farming and livestock.