1-Ghaznawyan TV
The Ghaznawyan TV is one of the most active media in the province, which started broadcasting in 2009 and was established by Eng. Abdul Qayum Omari. The TV has five hours broadcasting in 24 hours, and covers 40 km area from the provincial capital. The TV budget is procured through private investment and advertisements and has 15 staff members.
Contact Numbers: 0783142912, 0799191980
Email: ghaznawyan_omary@yahoo.com
2-Umid Jawan Radio
The Umid Jawan radio is one of the active radios in Ghazni province, which was established by Abdul Saboor Hamidi and some other youths in Ghazni city in 2006. The radio broadcast from 5 am to 12 noon. The radio is run by private investment. The radio has 23 staff members and covers whole Ghazni and neighboring provinces including Logar, Maidan Wardak, Paktia, Paktyka and Zabul.
Contact Number: 0799117575
Email: ab_saboorhamidy@yahoo.com
3- Payam-Jawanan Radio
Payam Jawan is an independent and impartial radio and is not affiliated to any political party, the radio has been established by Mominzada in Jaghori district. The radios broadcast on 88.3 fm. The Payam-Jawanan radio is the second radio that covers Jaghori district. It has 14 staff members and broadcasts 10 hours in 24 hours, the programmes include political, social, cultural, religious, health and entertaining.
4- Jaghori Radio
Jaghor radi is also one of the active radios in Ghazni province. The radio was established by InterNews in 2004. The radio has broadcasting from 7:00 am to 12:00 noon and from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The coverage area is 45 km. The radio is financed by InterNews and ISAF and has 12 staff members.
Contact number: 0799054849
Email: ahmadjaghori@yahoo.com
5-Dehkada Radio
Dehkada radio was established by Farid Ahmad Rostayee in 2008 and has 18 hours broadcast in 24 hours, the radio also covers Paktyka and Maidan Wardak provinces besides Ghazni province. The radio is privately owned and financed through private investment and advertisements.
Contact number: 07861144333, 9777481748
Email: rostayee@yahoo.com
6-Sadat Radio
Sadat radio is also one of the most active radios in the provinces which was established by culture and religious activists in 2010. The radio has broadcasting from 5:00 am to 10:30 pm and covers 50 km area in the province. The radio is run with the donation of people and has 25 staffs.
Contact Number: 0772422330
Email: saadat_radio@yahoo.com
7-Sada-i- Ghaznawyan radio
This is one of the active radios which was established by Eng. Abdul Qayum Omari with the support of InterNews in 2004. The radio has 24 hours broadcasting and covers 100 km. the radios is financed privately and through advertisement and has 20 staff members.
Contact: 0783142912
Email: ghaznawyan_omary@yahoo.com
8-Awa Ghazna outlet
The outlet is one of the active publications which were established in 2007 by students in Hirat province. The publication is distributed in Kabul, Hirat, Balkh and Nangarhar provinces. The outlet is financed through the shared of the members and the selling and has 15 staff members.
Contact number: 0786911203
Email: marooffgiri@yahoo.com
9-Payam Sanyaee monthly:
This is an active monthly in Ghazni province which was established by the Ghazni cultural and civil association in 2009, the monthly is distrusted in Kabul and in Ghazni. It is financed by some individuals and has eight staff members.
Contact number: 0799314150
Email: adbulwahabfaizy@yahoo.com
10-Sanayee weekly:
Sanayee weekly is an active weekly which was established by the department of information and culture in 1952. The weekly is distrusted in all provinces of Afghanistan, the weekly is financed by the department of information and culture of the province and has 5 staff members.
Contact number:  0799408799
Email: a-fakori@yahoo.com
11-Ghazna 2013 magazine:
The magazine was established in 2013 by the department of information and culture of Ghazni, and is financed by the governor office, the magazine has 1200 issues and is distributed countrywide and has five staff members.
Contact number: 0799408799, 0786057027
Email:  hamidullah_sarwary@yahoo.com
12-Kandaw monthly:
The publication is one of the active in the province which was established by Mohammad Arif Rawan Rasuli in 2010, the monthly has 500 copies each month and is distributed in Ghazni province and is financed with private investment with five staff members.
Contact number: 0799253417
Email: arif_rawan@yahoo.com
13-Roghton magazine:
Roghton magazine is a privately owned magazine which is published every two months and publish health related issues, but also touches some social and cultural issues. The editor- in-chief  is Dr. Rahim Helal and has 500 copies and distributed in some other provinces in addition to Ghazni province.
Contact number: 0775480708
Email: Hillal.rahim12@gmail.com
14-Marsala magazine:
The Marsala, magazine is broadcasting for last four years, which is a cultural, academic and social magazine. The editor-in-chief is Ashraf Ghairat and has 1000 copies in each publication and is published each two months, distribution takes place countrywide.
Contact number: 0777710377
Email: aghairat@gmail.com