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Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - 14:00

KABUL (PAN): People of the volatile Ghor demand early construction of roads and highways, supply of electricity and development of the vital education sector in the province.
Muhammad Ibrahim 29, hailing from the Ghor province said the major demand of the people of his province was construction of highways and roads.
Talking to Pajhwok Afghan News, he said government officials had been talking to pave Ghor- Maidan city and Ghor- Herat roads but no practical steps could be taken to address the long standing demand of the people.
People reach to Herat after travelling for two days and if the road is constructed then the same distance can be covered in four hours only, he added.
He went on to say anyone had to stay for a night in the way if he was going to visit Kabul, adding that the same distance could be covered within five hours if the road could be built.
Habibullah, another resident of Chaghcharan city said people of the province were unable to shift their patients or agriculture products to other provinces due to absence of graveled road.
Buildings of roads were among the main demands of the people of his province, he said, complaining that the government did not pay heed to develop the roads infrastructure during the last decade.
Mulla Abdul Hakim, another resident of Chaghcharan said the biggest problem people of the province had been facing was the deteriorated security. Development of other sectors depends on the improved law and order, he said, adding if the province had bolstered security then roads and supply of electricity could be provided easily.
He said the development of every sectors was depending on the enhanced security and “you cannot perform your religious rituals with satisfaction if there is no security.”
“I know, there are mosques in villages where people cannot perform prayers due to fear of attacks,” he added.
The government should make stringent security measures and initiate dismemberment program, which would go a long way to establish peace and stability, he remarked.
Another resident of Charsada district said that measures should be taken to improve security, adding that efforts were needed to control the rising strength of insurgents.
Since Jihad era, everyone has weapons. And now that Jihad has ended, the government should initiate a plan to collect all illegal weapons, he suggested.
GhulamYahya, another resident of Ghor province and student of Herat University saidpeople of the province direly needed supply of electricity.
Right from industries, businesses, health, education, internet and to electronic related services, progress in life is totally linked to supply of electricity, he added. 
He was of the opinion if electricity was provided to Ghor then most of the problems of the people could be addressed.
“Despite pouring in billions of dollars of foreign aid, people of Ghor are deprived from power facility,” he lamented.
Ghulam Yahya says Ghor is blessed with rivers and abundant water, however, the rivers crosses Ghor province and flows toward Herat and then to Iran.
He stressed the construction of dams and hydro-power generation plants on rivers in Ghor province.
Saleem, a resident of Tolak district said the province was in need to initiate large scale projects to promote the vital education projects in the province.
Education sector faces lack of professional teachers, textbooks and the entire infrastructure need to be built in the province, he said, adding education faces multiple challenges and students are reported wasting their precious time in schools.
Some residents of the province complained about the growing ratio of unemployment who said unemployment had been contributing to insecurity and other problems.
Sayyed Mohammad, a resident of Ghor demanded the government to explore more employment opportunities in public as well as private sector, which would help youth of the province to earn their livelihood to feed their families.