The western Ghor province has ten administrative unites including the provincial capital Chaghcharan. The province has nine districts including Dawlatyar, Tyora, Tolak, Saghar, Pasaband, Dolina, Shahrak, Charsada, Lal WaSar Jangal.
1-Markaz: (provincial capital)
Historically known the city of iron smiths, Chaghcharan city has been known with different names in history such as FirozKoh and Dasht-e-Punba since times of Buddhists dynasty. The widely Hari Road River flows in Chaghcharan, which adds considerable to its natural beauty.
2- Dawlatyar District:
The Dawlatyar district is located to the west of Chaghcharan. People of the district are mainly associated with the occupation of agriculture and livestock. The district has vast irrigated and rain-fed lands. The locality faces immense security challenges due to the presence of militants. Civilians mostly sustain casualties in cross fire and clashes between the security forces and militants.
3-Lal WaSarJangal District:
Located on the age with Daikundi and Bamyan provinces, the Lal Wa Sar Jangal district is considered one of the remote districts of the province. It remains disconnected from other parts of the province for six months due to heavy snow fall. The problems of the residents continue to spiral at a time when the roads remain blocked for six long months. The construction work of two bridges has started by the Ministry of Ruler Development in August 2013 worth 600,000 afghanis, and completion of the project would reduce transportation problems of the locals.
Tolak district is popular because of having historical MalakAntar Fort, which had constructed with ancient designsand containing discovery of gold coins, special drawings and writings in the fort that tell the stories of Ghori Dynasty back in 12thcentury. Its weather has greater similarity with Tiawari and Saghar districts, which shares borders with Farsi and Awaba districts of Herat province. The road to Tolak district partially remains blocked during winter. Majority of local population is associated with agriculture while some of them work in Herat province in order to feed their families.
5- Charsada District:
The Charsada district is located in the north of Chaghcharan, sharing borders with Faryab province. The district has pleasant weather and attractive sites. It is covered by vast orchards and the Murghab River flows in the middle of the district. The Charsada district is known for wide ranging agriculture activities. It has suitable weather condition amid large scale irrigated and rain-fed land. The residents of Charsada district are associated with the agriculture occupation. Its culture and tradition have greater similarity with the people of Faryab.
After Lal and Sar Jangal districts, Dolina is considered one of the coldest provinces of Ghor. The district has beautiful, green regions and full of fruit orchards. The district is covered by natural forests and orchards, which presents a picture of green lush panorama. Geographic location of the district paved ground for rain-fed agriculture and livestock activities. However, security of the district is getting deteriorated due to heavy presence of militants.
7- Pasaband District:
Pasaband has extremely cold weather throughout the winter. It has low agriculture and livestock. In comparison with other district, locals of Pasaband are ethnic Pashtuns. The district has little greenery with its residents are partially associated with the occupation of agriculture and livestock. Moreover, the district is covered by mountains, which has a number of valleys.
8- Tyora District:
Considered as the farmers’ city of Ghor province, Tyora district is known as Qila-e-Ghor because it is surrounded by high mountains of Panj Shakah and Koryai. The district shares borders with Purchaman district of Farah province and Nawzad district of Helmand province. It residents are associated with agriculture and livestock farms. The district has suitable agrarian and rain fed-lands covered by packed natural forests and orchards. The people of Tyora and surrounding districts earn substantial amount annually from their orchards.Drag and drop file or link here to translate the document or web page.
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9- Saghar District:

Known for its verdures and beautiful terrains, Saghar district shares border with Farsi and Shindand districts of Herat province. The district produces different kinds of fruits and has interesting sites for tourism. The resident of Sagahr district speaks Herati accent.
10- Shahrak District:
Known among the coldest district of Ghor, the Shahrak district is located to the south of provincial capital.However, the district has multiple orchards and produces large scale fruits.
In addition, Shaharak district has green plain areas and meadows for livestock.