1-      Shansab Institute and Council of Ghor People:
Founded by Ghulam Rabani Hadafmand in 2011 in Ghor province, the institute strives to promote social and cultural activities in the province.
Contact No: 0797244300
E-mail: hadafmand@gmail.com
2-      Ghor Foundation of Educated Youth:
Founded in 2005 by Fazal Haq Fayiq, the foundation aims to work for the development of cultural and social activities.
Contact No: 0799565585
3-      Takapo Education and Cultural Foundation:
The Takapo Education and Cultural Foundation is established in 2007 by Abdul Qayum Shadab. The foundation strives to work for the development of education and culture.
Contact No: 0799204625
E-mail: abdquoom@yahoo.com
4-      Fairoz Koh Art Association:
Founded in 2013 by Fazal Haq Fayiq, the association aims to promote art, poetry and cultural activities in the province.
Contact No: 0797403791
5-      Saam Art and Cultural Foundation:
Founded in 2007 by Ahmad Nadeem Ghori, the foundation has been working to furhter develop art and culture sectors.
Contact No: 0797126146
6-      Talo-e-Zanan:
Founded in 2009 under the leadership of Sosan Yazdani, the Tolo-e-Zanan organization has been working in areas pertaining to capacity building of women. It also helps women to build their capacity in vocational training, enhancement of cultural activism and exploration of job opportunities.
7-      Bonyad-e-Tawsiah Milli:
Bonyad-e-Tawsiah Milli is established in 2010, the organization has been striving to develop the education and sport sectors as well as to expand cultural activities.
Contact No: 0799024604
8-      Jam Educational Institute:
The Jam Educational Institute is established back in 2010 under the leadership of Nasrullah Nasratyar. The Institute focuses to develop the education sector on modern lines.
Contact No: 0797107020
9-      Ghor Women Union:
Founded by women activist in 2012 in Ghor, the Ghor Women Union strives to advocate and create awareness about women rights in the community.
In addition, the union organizes art and cultural programs for women in the province.
Contact No: 0797128120
10-  Ghor Union of Journalist:
The Ghor Union of Journalist is founded as a result of excessive efforts through electoral process by journalist in 2012. The union aims to defend the rights and keep close coordination and communication among journalists’ community.
Currently, the union is headed by Abdul Qadeer Ghafoori.
Contact No: 0799562463
E-mail: q.ghafoori@gmail.com
11-  Afghanistan Youth National Social Development Institute:
Founded in 2012 under the leadership of Mohammad Hassan Hakimi, the institute has become later member of civil societies.
It aims to work for the development of education, sport, cultural activities and advocate for the rights of youths.
Contact No: 0798220122
E-mail: Hassan.hakimy@gmail.com
12-  Andisha-e-Jawan Foundation:
The Andisha-e-Jawan Foundation is established by Mohammad Sadiq Yousufi in 2008. It strives to work for the development of education, culture and social affairs.
Contact No: 0795015358
13-  Aryai Celebrity Foundation:
Founded in 2011by Salih Mohammad Sherzai, the Aryai Celebrities Foundation focuses to organize cultural and art related programs.
Contact No: 0794080450
14-  Shafqat Education and Art Institute:
The Shafqat Education and Art Institute is established under the leadership of Allauddin Mohammadi. The institute has been striving in education and culture sectors.
Contact No: 0797069168
15-  Payman Cultural and Education Institute:
Founded in 2011 by Nisar Ahmad Kohin, the institute works for the betterment of education and cultural activities in the province.
Contact No: 0799382764
16-  Solha Khwahan Organization:
The Solha Khwahan Institute is founded in 2012 under the leadership of Abdul Ghani Mudaqiq. The organization strives to support peace process and strengthen culture and social integration.
17-  Bonyad-e- Farageri Milli Jawanan Afghanistan:
The foundation is established in 2013 under the leadership of Mohammad Wazir Noorani. The foundation strives to enhance capacity building of youth in education and vocational training.
Contact No: 0796272338
18-  Ghor Youth National and Social Organization:
Founded by Mohammad Hassan Hakimi back in 2008, the organization works for the welfare of youth in terms of education, sports and employment opportunities.
Contact No: 0708198613
19-  Allah Yar Youth Cultural and Social Organization:
The Allah Yar Youth Cultural and Social Organization is founded back in 2011. It focuses to build youth capacity in different fields.
Contact No: 0799389847
20-  Omaid Cultural and Social Organization:
Founded in 2013 by Abdul Zahir Khaliqyar, the Omaid Cultural and Social Organization has been working to bolster cultural and social activities in the province.
Contact No: 0775188981