Several government and private sector print as well as electronic media flourish in the volatile Ghor province during the last decade.
1-      Radio Adalat Ghag:
Founded in 2004 by inter news, the Radio Adalat Ghag is one of the emerging media outlets in the province with three hours broadcasting daily.
Its transmissions can be received in provincial capital Chaghcharan and its surroundings. It has ten employees headed by Ali Zafar Tahiri.
Contact No: 0796269761
2-      Weekly Payam-e- Bahar:
The Weekly Payam-e-Bahar is founded in 2006 by the culture activists of the province.
The magazine has circulation throughout the province with the number of its circulation ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 copies each week.
It meets its expenses from private sector and individuals voluntarily. The magazine is headed by Mohammad Gul Yazdan and having another 13 employees.
Contact No: 0799047534
3-      Weekly Payam-e-Jihad:
Founded by the cultural activists of the province in 2006, the magazine started its publication soon after its establishment.
It has 2,500 circulations with distribution throughout the province. The magazine is headed by Mohammad Gul Yazdan having 13 employees.
Contact No: 0798404828
4-      Weekly Mansoor:
Founded in 2010, Weekly Mansoor is being published on behalf of the provincial governor office. It has around 500 copies circulation. The weekly has five employees with Adbul Hai Khatibbi is its in charge.
Contact No: 0798293841
5-      Monthly Ittihad:
Founded by cultural activists in 2008, the Monthly Ittihad is financially supported by volunteers and partially by private sector. It has 12 employees and headed by Parvez Yaqoobi.
Contact No: 0797068473
6-      Monthly Jam:
The Monthly Jam is known as a vibrant magazine in the province. It was established by Ghor Bastan with a circulation in the western zone of the country. It has a total of 12 employees with Hamidullah Darfard is the head of the magazine.
Contact No: 070631146
7-      Weekly Saam:
Founded in 2005, the Weekly Saam has 1,500 circulations monthly. It has 32 employees. Ustad Ahmad Nadeem is the in charge of the magazine.
Contact No: 0797126146
8-      Monthly Fairoz Kho:
Founded by the educated youth of the province in 2004, the Monthly Fairoz Kho magazine has 1,500 circulations with a distribution in Kabul, Herat and Ghor provinces.
It has 20 employees and headed by Ustad Ghulam Rabani Hadafmand.
Contact No: 0799204625