Herat is one of the largest provinces of Afghanistan widely known for its historic buildings and minarets. The province has 16 administrative units including the provincial capital. Keeping in view the administrative purposes, Herat city has been divided into 12 municipality districts.
1.      Herat city:
Herat is one of the largest provinces of Afghanistan and is famous for its historical buildings and minarets. Herat has 12 municipality districts.
2.      Adraskan:
The Adraskan District is located 45 kilometerseast of Herat city on Kandahar Highway. Pashtuns, Tajik, and Imaq are the main ethnic tribes of the district--- mainly associate with farming profession. Pashtun ZarghonDistrict is situated to its northwest, Shindand in south, Farsi in east while in west, the Guzra District surrounds Adraskan. Gold, oil, and copper mines are among its famous natural resources.
3.      Enjil:
The Enjil District is located in the south of the district-- close to Herat city. Because of burgeoning business activities, most of its farming land is converted for construction of township and other buildings.
4.      Awba:
The Awba District is situated around 100 kilometers north of Herat city. Awba is a scenic valley and a recreational spot. Pashtun ZarghonDistrict is located in its east, Karukh in south, BadghisProvince in north and Chasht-i-Sharif in its northeast.
5.      Pashtun Zarghon:
The Pashtun Zarghon District is situated 100 kilometers northeast of Herat city. Majority of the residents are Pashtuns among Tajik, Emaq, and Taimani. Guzara District is located in its south while Chasht-i-Sharif in north and Kurkh in the west.
6.      Chasht-i-Sharif:
The Chasht-i-Sharif District is located 150 kilometers northeast of Herat city. The district gets the name after a renowned Islamic scholar Chasht-i-Sharif whose shrine is also located in the district. Ghor Province is located in its north, Pashtun Zarghon in its west, while in south Pashtun Zarghon, Awbain west and Farsi District sits in its east. The district has abundant in gold, marbles, and coal mines.
7.      Zinda Jan
The district is also called Foshing for its history and the center of the district is still called Foshing. Kohsan district is located in its north, Hirat city and Enjil district in its northeast. The cement factory area is the most famous place in the district.
8.      Shindand:
The Shindand District is the first grade district of Herat Province. The district is known for its military airbase and military center. Most of the people of the Shindand associate with the farming profession. Adraskan is located in its north, Iran in the south, Farah Province in the east while Ghoryan District in the west.
9.      Ghoryan:
GhoryanDistrict is located 100 kilometers in the west. The district has 112 kilometers long border with Iran. HariRud River flows to Iran from Ghorya. The largest iron mine has also been discovered in the district while cement and salt mines are also abundant in the district. Kahsan is located in its north, Zinda Jan in south and east, and Shindand and Iran islocated in its west.
10.  Farsi:
The Farsi District is located 300- kilometers in the east of Herat Province. Most of the people are economically weak. Most of the roads are not paved. The district has no mobile services. Helmand is situated in its north and east, Nimroz and Farah in south while AdraskanDistrict is located in the west.
11.  Karukh:
KarukhDistrict is located at a distance of 45- kilometers of Herat city. Karukh is one of the greenest districts of the province. Mostly people go to Karukh for picnics. Karukh has the credit to be one of the safest and secure districts.
12.  Keshki- RubatiSangi:
The district is situated 150- kilometers northwest of Herat city. It is one of the populated districts. KeshkiKuhna is located in north, Kuhsan in south, Awba in east, and Turkmenistan in the west of the district. TorghondiBusiness Port is a widely known locality of the district.
13.  KeshkiKuhna:
The KeshkiKuhna District is located at a distance of 150- kilometers of Herat city.BadghisProvince is located in its north, Keshki-RubatiSangi in the south, Awab in its east, and Turkmenistan lie in the west.
14.  Kahsan:
The Kahsan District is located 116- kilometers northwest, which shares borders with Iran and Turkmenistan. Because of their proximity to border areas, people of the Kahsan have better business opportunity. The historically known Islam QalaPort is located in the district.  Keshki-RubatiSangi is located in its north, Ghoryan in south, Zinda Jan in the east and Iran in its west. The district has the credit of oil zone.
15.  Guzara:
Guzara District is closest to Herat city, which is located at a distance of about 25-kilometers from the city. The district is also called Herat city Gate. It has the Herat civil airport and the Industrial Park as well.
16.  Gulran:
Gulran District is located at a distance of 120- kilometers west of Herat city. Turkmenistan is situated in its north, Keshk in east, Zinda Jan, and Kahsan in the south.