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Sunday, July 21, 2013 - 13:15

HERAT (PAN): People of the western Herat province demand of the government and international community to take accelerated measures to improve fledgling security, education sector, and health facilities. 
They want the authorities and global community to come forward to address the pressing problems their community confronts with including construction and pavement of roads and bolstering the agro sector.
Arbab Esmatullah, a resident of 12th municipality district of Herat city said that the prime demand of the residents is immediate construction of canalization system in the city.
Because of absence of canalization system, water ponds in parts of the city create problems, which furhter contribute to environmental pollution.  
Noor Muhammad, a resident of Chasht-i-Sharif district said that people of his region direly need the construction of Salma Power Dam.
Earlier, he said the government had pledged to build the Salma Dam in 2007 but construction work on the much needed dam could not be launched so far. “The construction of the dam will go a long way to minimize the problems of the people,” he remarked.
Sultan Ahmad Muhasil, a resident of Pashton Zarghon district said the road connecting his town to the provincial capital needs to be paved without further delay.
Another resident of Herat city, Muhammad that his area is in grip of growing insecurity amid surging cases of abduction. He demand of the authorities to help stablize security in the area.
Ismail, a resident of Pashton Zarghon district complain that education sector experiences downward trend with special reference the areas of nomad are mostly left deprived of education facilities.
Residents demand of the relevant quarters to extend more education facilities, he said, adding that parents are more than willing to equip their kids with modern education. He went on to say that more distance between educational institutions and some villages create barriers in the way of educating kids.
Abdul Rauf, a resident of Shindand district complains that his locality is passing through multiple hardships including insecurity, dilapidated condition of roads, and inadequate healthcare centres.
He demands of the authorities to extend all out support to address the genuine problems in greater interests of the people and country.