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Monday, July 29, 2013 - 12:15

ASAD ABAD (PAN): Residents of Kunar link widespread insecurity and unavailability of electricity to hampering of development projects in the province, demanding the government to take measures to reverse the tide of lawlessness.
People say though Kunar has large water reservoirs and rivers, authorities fail to make best use of it to produce electricity.
Haji Gul Khan, a resident of Marori district said insecurity is the biggest problem being faced by the people and hampering progress and development of the entire province. The second problem, he said of the people is the delaying tactics to build the Marori Water Canal.
“The government has repeatedly held out promises to build the Marori Water Canal but the pledge is yet to be implemented,” he added.     
Most of the Marori district land is barren and arid, he said, adding there is no canal waters facility and the people always look to the sky for rain.   
Haroon Hashmi, hailing from Asad Abad while complaining about the unavailability of the electricity, said if a dam is built on the Kunar Rivers then it will help facilitate the neighboring provinces.  
Janat Gul Fida, a resident of Watta Pur district said most of the problems are born because of unavailability of electricity and insecurity. He said another matter of concern is that the people are in trouble because of shelling from Pakistani side. 
Muhammad Naser, a resident of Nirang district said insecurity has spread to such an extent that one cannot say for sure to return home alive after leaving his home in the morning. He said bombing blasts in funerals, mosques, bazaars and other gathering spots could not be ruled out.  
Hailing from Narrai district, Maulvi Abdul Wahid said that the biggest threat and problem in his Ghazi Abad districts is insecurity and deteriorated law and order.
He said the factor of growing insecurity is that the district is situated at an 80 kilometers distance from Asad Abad.     
“It seems the economic condition of Kunar people is alarmingly weak. There is no health facilities in the mountainous areas and the kids of the far-flung areas do not have access to education,” he informed.
Abdul Sattar, a resident of Khas Kunar said that floods either inundate or erode the cultivable lands of the people of Sarkano, Zarang, Sawki and Noor Gul districts. He said that the river inflict heavy losses on their properties instead of its benefit.
Hailing from Dangam district, Muzamil said that the people of his district spend restless nights because of growing insecurity and lawlessness.
“People are in dilemma. On the one hand Taliban are harassing people while on the other people are terrorized by the unprovoked shelling from Pakistan,” he added. He said people could not work with open mind in their fields because of fear of rocket attacks from Pakistan.
Maulvi Gul Rehman, a resident of Manogai district said enhanced security tends to usher an era of progress and development in the area, adding that no development work could be done amid terror and insecurity.
“People of my locality are poor enough that they cannot afford to buy books and pencils to send their kids to school,” he remarked.
He said there are only primary or high schools in Kunar, adding because of rampant poverty and insecurity, parents cannot afford to send their kids to other provinces for higher education.