1.      Jahan Noma Social Foundation:
Jahan Noma Social Foundation was founded by Mohammad Sabir Yousufi back in 2006. The foundation serves the masses to promote social and cultural sectors of the province.
Contact: 0799206706
Email Address: Saberyosoy@yahoo.com
2.      Paserlai Adabi Tolana:
Paserlai Adabi Tolana was founded by Gul Rahim Nayazman in 2007. The Tolana is headed by poet and writer Ghulam Haider Haider. It has the credit of holding annual poetry gathering and other different social events.
Contact: 0799403792
Email: Niazman@gmail.com
3.       Afghanistan Socio-Cultural Foundation:
The Afghanistan Socio-Cultural Foundation was founded by Malalai Yousufi in 2010. The foundation focuses on educational and cultural sectors. It strives to serve the women folk of the province to promote and protect their rights.
Contact: 0799206422
Email: radio.cheragh@gmail.com
4.      Shorai-e-Akhowat Islami:
The Shorai-e-Akhowat Islami was established by the Maulvi Noor-ul-Huda Maulvi Zada Karimi in Konduz back in 2009. The organization strives in promoting religious related activities.
Contact: 0799217008
Email: noorulhuda_05@yahoo.com
5.      Kunduz Tribes Social Council:
The Kunduz Tribes Social Council was established by Colonel Mohammad Zahir in 2010. The council has been striving to help resolve ethnic conflicts among various ethnic groups. It focuses to prevent any ethnic and religious tensions and has been working for greater religious harmony.
Contact: 0700701604
Email: m.zahir@gmail.com
6.      Aina-e-Haqiqat Socio-Cultural Entity:
The Aina-e-Haqiqat Socio-Cultural Entity was established by Karima Sadiqqi, member of Kunduz Provincial Council. The entity focuses more on vocational training, culture and provision of job opportunities for women.
Contact: 0706430393
Email: karima_sadeqi@yahoo.com
7.      Afghanistan Sisters Movement Association:
The Afghanistan Sisters Movement Association was established by Asila Barakzai in 2012. It is working to reduce violence against women. The association discharges its duties to advocate for women rights.
Contact: 0798133866
Email: barekzai.asila@gmail.com
8.      Perdis Literal-Cultural Association:
The Perdis Literal-Cultural Association was established by Abdul Majid Perdis in 2008. The association has its focuses on cultural activities including arrangement of poetry sessions and encouraging young poets in an apparent attempt to enrich Pashtu literature and culture.
Contact: 0778657122
Email: majeed_perdis@yahoo.com
9.      Kunduz Cultural Association:
The Kunduz Cultural Association was launched and established by poet and writer Ahmadullah Daagh in 2013 with the aim to promote poetry among youth. It also strives to help prosper literary aspects of the poetry among the poets of northeastern region.
Contact: 0796132742
10.   Journalists’ Union (Afghanistan Media Relations and Cultural Foundation)
Journalists’ Union (Afghanistan Media Relations and Cultural Foundation) was founded by Zabihullah Majidi, a free journalist in 2007. It is working to build strong coordination among journalists and to defend their rights and help build greater cooperation among them. Today, majority of freelance and other journalist regulate their daily activities through the center.
Contact: 0799200735
Email: Zabe.fast@gmail.com
11.   Mediothek Social Institution (Media Home)
The Mediothek Social Institution (Media Home) was established in Kunduz in 2003 with its branches throughout the country. Abduallah Rasooli is the provincial head of the institution. It focuses on social, cultural and literary sectors and capacity building of local journalists.
Contact: 0799205235
Email: ab.rasuly@gmail.com
12.   Cooperation Association for Peace and Solidarity
The Cooperation Association for Peace and Solidarity was founded by Ostad Saifuddin. The association has been working to develop the vital culture, education and literature fields.
Contact: 0798143021
Email: Saifuddin@gmail.com
13.   Afghanistan Social Institution for Women Education and Capacity Building
The institution was established by the educated people of Kunduz with the aim of building the capacity of females who headed their families in different fields and then recruiting them as trainers and other jobs. Mohammad Zahir Musleh is heading the institution.
Contact: 0799206604
Email: zahir.musleh@gmail.com
14.   International Legal Foundation for Afghanistan (ILFA):
The International Legal Foundation for Afghanistan was founded by Najibullah Hakimi in 2012. It focuses on legal activities.
Contact: 0700185860
Email: najib.hakimi@gmail.com
15.   Kunduz Business Women Union:
The Kunduz Business Women Union has more than one thousand members, which was established by Muslima Waleji with the aim to encourage deprived and isolated women. The union strives to help women provide them with business and handicraft and to help them supplying their products to domestic and foreign markets.
Contact: 0799180478
Email: Muslima.waleji@gmail.com
16.   Kunduz Women Union:
The Kunduz Women Union was established by Mahbooba Haider in 2005. The union is striving to mobilize women and engaging them in women projects to make them self sufficient.
Contact: 0799394805
Email Address: mahboba_haidar@yahoo.com
17.   Kunduz Youth Union
The union was established by Kunduz Youth Union in an attempt to explore employment opportunities for youth, provision of needed facilities for youth and to encourage them to take part in social sector. Thousands of youth have the membership of the union. It is led by Abdul Ghafoor Hotak.
Contact: 0793151413
Email Address: ghafoor_hotak@yahoo.com