1.      Peace and Human Development Foundation:
The Peace and Human Development Foundation was set by Zubaida back in 2010. The organization has been striving to promote peace and enhance women capacities in various spheres. It provided legal services to large number of women so far.
Contacts: 0700706312
Emails: haefi_2008@yahoo.com
2.      East Instructions Association for Development of Afghanistan:
The association was established in 2007 in northern Takhar province. Led by Wahidullah, the organization focuses to expand social and cultural activities.
Contacts: 0700704051
Emails: hoda.org@gmail.com
3.      Women Skills Developing Institution:
The Women Skills Developing Institution was established by Fazila Karimi in 2002 in northern Takhar province. The organization strives to promote skills, develop domestic handicrafts and women lives.
Contacts: 0700707108
Emails: awrasa_org@yahoo.com
4.      Qalbras Tribe Council:
Established in 2013, the civil panel strives to bridge solidarity among the tribes of 72 villages, living on the outskirts of Taloqan city. The council strives to prevent irregularities in the capital city, attract public welfare projects and assist government in ensuring peace. The body is headed by Rashid Ayoub Samadi.
Contacts: 0705504855
Emails: s.samadi@gmail.com
5.      Welfare and Development Foundation of Afghan Women:
Led by Qazi Dil Aram, the Welfare and Development Foundation of Afghan Women was formed in 2007. The organization has been working to develop domestic products and boost economic strengthening of women in Takhar province.
Contacts: 0700764779
Emails: dilaram2007@gmail.com
6.      Khostan Social and Health Development Foundation:
The foundation was established in 2001 under the leadership of Dr. Diljan Farhat in northern Takhar province. It focuses to provide free social and health care services to deserved women.
Contacts: 0799121526
Emails: drdeljan_farhat@yahoo.com
7.      Daryacha Cultural and Literary Context:
Daryacha Cultural and Literary Context was established by Farid Bazgar in northern Takhar in 2009. It strives to enrich literary and poetry culture, hold literary and cultural meetings and avoid cultural invasion in the province.
Contacts: 0700527030
Emails: farid_barzgar@yahoo.com
8.      Afghanistan Women Progress and Development Organization:
Established in 2010, the organization was set up by Maria Timori, a current member of Takhar provincial council member. The organization extends activities in various fields such as livestock, poultry, fishing and economic development of women.
Contacts: 0777109008
Emails: maria.temory9@gmail.com
9.      Takhar Northeast Tribes Council:
Takhar Northeast Tribes Council was formed in 2013. The council tries to maintain solidarity among Takhar northeast tribes and Taloqan city and close cooperation with government. It has focused to prevent activities of armed groups and ensuring social justice in the province. Rahim Shah Ibdali heads the council.
Contacts: 0700702502
Emails: abdali2010@gmail.com
10.  Takhar Journalists Council:
The Takhar Journalists Council was set up by Syed Yasin Dihzad, editor-in-chief of a state-run radio television in northern Takhar province in 2006. It works to build close coordination among journalists and protect their rights. Most of the journalists have membership of the council.
Contacts: 0700706576
Emails: yasin_dehzad@yahoo.com
11.  Agriculture Development Organization:
 Under the leadership of Masooda Subhani, the agro organization was established in northern Takhar province in 2006. The Agriculture Development Organization strives to promote plantation of plants, prevent the cultivation of poppy and facilitating work opportunities to women in agro field. It also focuses to extend all out support to growers and livestock owners to enhacne their crops.
Contacts: 0786311040
12.  Women Development Foundation:
The Women Development Foundation was established by Simeen Hussaini, a provincial council member in northern Takhar province in 2009. The organization strives to provide training opportunities and enhance capacities of women in various fields.
Contacts: 0799702362
Emails: sadidgulzar@yahoo.com
13.  Rustaq Women Development Organization:
The organization was established by Parwin Arifi in northern Takhar province in 2011. The organization strives to promote the capacities of those women and girls who lost their family members during the past decades of war.
Contacts: 0705905484
Emails: parwin_arifi@yahoo.com
14.  Takhar Laborers Association:
 Established in 2005 in order to keep unity and solidarity among labourers and government employees, the association has been working to protect rights of laborers, resolve their problems and provide jobs opportunities for them. Shahbaz Yadgari heads the organization.
Contacts: 0799567543
Emails: shahbaz_yadgari@yahoo.com
15.  Takhar Civil Societies Network:
Syed Wahidullah Haqiq was appointed as head of Takhar Civil Societies Network by majority of votes under free and fair ballots conducted in 2013, the process attended by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) representative for northeastern zone. The network strives to mobilize resources, holds monthly meeting of civil societies, resolving ongoing social challenges, and sharing of relevant problems with authorities concerned.
Contacts: 0793098979
Emails: haqiq2012@gmail.com