Khwaharan Hamnawa:
The Khawaharan Hamnawa civil society is founded in 2011 in Shiberghan by Fareeda Ameeni. The Khwaharan Hamnawa is striving to promote the cultural and social field in greater interests of the people of Jawzjan.
Contact No: 0799835237
    Civil Societies Network:
The Civil Societies Network is founded in 2012 by Maghfirat Samimi in Shiberghan city. Every social society in Jawzjan province has the membership of this organization. Its objective is to support other organization in their activities and promote their capacity building as well.
Contact no: 0799410413
    Zaheer-u-Din Mohammad Babar Cultural and Arts Association:
Founded in 2006 in Jawzjan under the leadership of Siraj-u-Din Qani, the association strives to promote art and cultural activities in the province through publication of poetry of prominent poets.
       Ahli Bait Cultural and Social Association:
The Ahli Bait Cultural and Social Association is founded in 2006 in Shiberghan city voluntarily by Mohammad Ali. The association strives to work in social and cultural fields particularly for brothers and sisters of Hazara tribe.
In addition, the association works to enlightened students about religious teachings in schools and Madrassas.
Contact No: 0786061075 
Eshraq Cultural Association:
Founded in 2007 in Shiberghan city by Farzad Farnod, the Eshraq Cultural Association strives to promote cultural and art activities through publication of broachers and magazines.
The strength of its members reaches to 20 individuals.
Contact No: 0789353353
National and Social Association of Jawzjan Disables.
Founded in 2008 by Alhaj Zakaria, the association works for the skilled training and cultural development in disables. In addition, it strives to provide job opportunities for disables in the province.
Contact No: 0799110553
Pigah Association:
The Pigah Association is founded in 2012 by Sitarah Hameedi in Aqcha district. The association works in cultural filed particularly for girls and women. It has 15 girls’ members.
Contact No: 0786898369
Kitab Cultural and Art Association:
Founded in 2011 by Madam Muzda, the association aims to work in cultural and education development. It has 10 members.
Contact No: 0786810471
Union of Retired Persons Jawzjan Province:
Founded in 2005 by Mohammad Karim Arzo, the union aims regrouping of retired individuals in the province and campaigning from the platform of NGOs and NNGOS for public awareness and exploring job opportunities for retired persons.
Contact No: 0799304237
National Union of Journalists:
The union is founded eight years back by Mohammad Jan Tamkin. It strives to promote consensuses among journalists and provide them with space for capacity building and protect the rights of journalist.
Contact No: 0799646697 – 0708198330
Ey Cultural and Social Association:
Ey Cultural and Social Association is founded in 2011under the leadership of Madam Fariba. It works in cultural and media fields.
Contact No: 0798794161
Effected Persons Association:
Founded in 2007 by Abdul Ghafoor Mukles, the association works to collect financial and other kinds of aid for effected families.
Contact No: 0799291501
The Afghanistan Workers Cultural and Social Organization:
Founded in 2010, the organization has been striving to promote cultural and social affairs and work for the welfare of workers.
Contact No: 0799263186
Nisar Development Association:
Founded in 2011 by Fahim Nisar in Shiberghan city, the association strives to provide vocational training for women in different skills.
Contact No: 0786279707
Pro-Justice Legal Institute:
The Pro- Justice Legal Institute is founded in 2009 in Shiberghan city. The institute strives to help resolve legal and judicial related issues of poverty stricken masses of the province.
Contact No: 0785700743
Skilled Workers Association:
Founded in 2007 by Murad Hamkar in Shiberghan city, the organization works for promoting skilled manpower and enhancing their abilities. The organization works to provide the skilled manpower with legal protection.
Contact No: 0799869460