1- Jawzjan National TV:
The Jawzjan National TV is among the fast-emerging media outlets which started airing programs in 1987. The TV airs 24- hours programs with half of an hour news bulletin related to the province. The TV has 18 employees and headed by Nooria Hammasa. The TV is being funded by the government while its commercials generate some revenue.
Contact: 0787148801
Email: nooriaamasa@yahoo.com
  2. National Radio:
The national radio ranked among the active media organizations s in Jawzjan. The radio, covering 50 kilometres area, continues airing programs since 2007. It has 12 employees who are working voluntarily.
Contact: 0787148801
Email: nooriaamasa@yahoo.com
3. Radio Sarayesh:
The Radio Sarayesh was established by Fawad Ahmad in 2012. It has 24-hour broadcasts covering Sar-e-pul, Jawzjan and partially Faryab provinces. Its commercials generate revenue to run the affairs of the radio. It has 15 employees.
Contact: 0786700499
Email: saraish.radio911fm@gmail.com
4- Radio Ghazal:
Radio Ghazal is known among free and independent media which was established by Nila Sadiq Oghlo in Shibirghan capital city of Jawzjan in 2013. Radio Ghazal airs on FM 99.9 frequencies. The radio is the 7th audio media covering Shiberghan city. it airs 24-hours programs covering political, cultural, social, religious, health, education and entertainment programs.
Contact: 0798828228
Email: radiogazal@yahoo.com  
5. Radio Darman:
The radio is among the vibrant media outlets in Jawzjan. It was established by Internews in 2008. It airs 24- hour programs with covering 45- kilometers area. It is headed by Noor Agha Sharifi with a total staff of 18 persons. It is being funded through its commercials.
Contact: 0799746464
Email: nooraghasharifi18@gmail.com  
6. Radio Armaghan:
Radio Armaghan is established by Sabir Hamidi in 2009 in Jawzjan. The radio airs 24-hour programs covering Shibirghan city and some districts of Jawzjan province. It has 10 employees. The radio is being funded through the revenue generated though commercials.
Contact: 0780775022
Email: rostayee@yahoo.com  
7. Radio Bostan:
The radio is known as a fast-growing media outlet in Jawzjan. It was established by Eng. Zar Ghona Yosuf in 2010. The radio airs 24-hour programs covering 70 kilometers area and funded by personal budget. It has 13 employees.
Contact: 0782102037
Email: bostanradio.jn@gmail.com  
8. Ezgo Toygho Publication:
The publication is known one of the active media in Jawzjan. It was founded by Zahiruddin Mohammad Association in 2007. It has circulation in Jawzjan and some other provinces. The media contains articles about Uzbek culture, literature and political and social affairs in Uzbeki Language. It is funded by subscriptions and has five employees.
Contact: 0797045017
Email: izgotoygho@gmail.com   
9. Payam Alif Monthly:
Payam Alif Monthly is among the vibrant publications. It was published by Ahl-e-Bait Cultural Association in 2009. The monthly is printed and distributed by the government’s fund and has eight employees.
Email: payameolfat1387@yaoo.com
10. Jawzjan publication:
Jawzjan Publication is known among active media outlets in Jawzjan. It was established by Information and Culture Department in 1961. It prints 1, 000 copies and circulates in Jawzjan and government departments. The publication has five employees and funded by the government.
Contact: 0799128488
11. Government and Citizens’ Quarterly:
The magazine is printed by press office of the provincial authority under Mohammad Yosuf Yosufi every three months. It contains political, literary, information and cultural news and articles related to the province.
Its circulation reaches to 1, 000 copies and is distributed in Jawzjan. The magazine has seven employees.
Contact: 0788252644
Email: Yusufi2011@gmail.com
12. Millat C C Quarterly:
The magazine was founded by Nabia Mustafa Zadah in 2001. It prints 1, 000 copies, which are being circulated in Jawzjan. It is financially supported by the UNDP. It has five employees.
Contact: 0799124319      
13. Nawa-e-Kohsar Biweekly:
The biweekly has started publication under the leadership of Mohammed Ismail Mushfiq in 2007. It is not related to any government authority. It contains political, cultural, and social and research related articles.
Contact: 0708198593
Email: navaikohsar@gmail.com  
   14. Sahra Monthly:
Sahra Monthly is active since 2012 and covering scientific, cultural, political and social articles and essays in Turkman, Uzbeki, Dari and Pashto Languages. As many as 1,500 copies of the monthly are being circulated every two months in Jawzjan and other provinces.
Contact: 0786721182
Email: sahra.magazine@gmail.com
15. Aayena Radio and Television:
The Aayena Radio and Television was launched in Shibirghan city in 2003. It is known as the first free and non-governmental media in the country. It is run under Faraidun Ilham and has more than 100 employees.
Contact: 0799204168 
16. Bator Radio and TV:
The Bator Radio and TV started its pilot broadcasts in 2012 and then official airing programs in 2013 for the first time in Uzbeki Language. It is run under Bator Dostum, the son of General Dostum, leader of Islamic Movement Party and having 80 staff. The TV covers the central Asian Countries.
Contact: 0780376187
Email Address: bator@yahoo.com  
17. Radio Aayena:
The radio is among active media outlets. It was founded by Fazal Haq Yulchi in 2007. The radio has 24-hour programs with the coverage of 50-kilometres area. It is funded with personal resources. It has 20 employees.
Contact: 0788853617
Email: radioayna@gmail.com
18. Gulistan Sawad:
Gulistan Sawad is a monthly publication by Jawzjan Literacy Department.  Aaqila Firoz is its editor in chief. It publishes activities of literacy department. The monthly was started with a total circulation of 1, 000 copies within Jawzjan in 2002. It has five employees.
Contact: 0799104147 
19. Gorash Monthly:
Gorash Monthly is related to Border and Tribes Department. It was started in 1978 and published in Turkman Language. It contains scientific, political, cultural and social articles with a circulation of 1, 000 copies. It is published and circulated in Jawzjan every month.
Contact: 0786370101