25- Sayed Azizullah Ulfatai:
Elected Senator,  
Sayed Azizullah Ulfati is the son of Sayed Mullah Abdullah. He is born in 1963 in Sheberghan city of Jowzjan province. He received his bachelor degree in technical a academy in the field of communication. Earlier, he served as army officer, teacher in Teacher Training Institution and deputy at department of Qazanchai Babai High School.
Contacts: 0797025026- 0786406247     
26- Haji Baimurad Qwainli
Elected Senator,
Son of Haji Agha Muhammad, Haji Baimurad Qwainli is born in 1970 in Mangjak district of Jowzjan province. He is graduated from a high school. He had provincial council membership back in 2004.
Contacts:  0799144186
86- Muhammad Ismail Munshai:
Selected Senator,  
Muhammad Ismail Munshai is the son of Mullah Rahim Qul. He is born in 1958 in Aqcha district Jowzjan province. In 1985, he received his bachelor degree in General History from Kabul University. 
He served in various capacities such as secretary, director of education sector and member of the National Commission distributive scholarships.
He participated in cultural activities as well as in Emergency Loya Jirga and Constitutional Loya Jirga.
Contacts: 0796541980