KABUL (PAN): Residents of northern districts of Kabul expressed satisfaction over the security situation while people of the four eastern districts were concerned about what they termed “growing insecurity.” 
Acknowledging security challenge in some district, Kabul police headquarters said they had launched series of steps to ameliorate the situation.
Kabul city has 22 security regions with most of the city’s residents have expressed satisfaction over security issues while some people have been complaining by saying armed groups are harassing people without any check from the government.
Abdul Jamil, a resident of eight district of Kabul city told Pajhwok Afghan News the area had been experiencing robbery cases despite the fact that security in some areas were better.
Some taxi drivers rob passengers of their money and other valuables early in the morning or late in the night, said, adding that some police officials were in connivance with dacoits.
Similar, another resident of eight district of Rahman Mina while expressing his satisfaction regarding security situation, said that he had asked police officials to enhance patrolling during night to control robbery cases. 
Muhammad Asif, a resident of the same region said: “Police officials are seen till evening but they off their duties like other ordinary people.”
Meanwhile, Ghulam Nabi while coming hard on the police said police frequent patrol could help minimize the scale of robbery cases.
Abdul Qadir, a resident of fifth district of Kabul expressed satisfaction over the current security situation whereas in the past people were being killed and houses were stolen. A resident of Qalai Najara, Habibullah said, they were going outside during night and so for didn’t face with any problem but he complained about the roaming of armed groups.
Kabul police chief, Brigadier General Muhammad Zahir Zahir said, people were playing greater role to ensure security. He went on to say that citizens of Kabul should extend their all out cooperation and inform the police force on 100 or 119 numbers in case of any security problem.
He said if Kabul city faced with any security problems they would question security officials of the concerned region who were responsible to maintain law and order. If some of them didn’t perform their duty efficiently then they would be taken to task, he added.
Regarding armed groups presence, Brig General Zahir said, police had been actively functioning their duties, which help minimize the ratio of crimes. 
In addition, the Srobi locality of Kabul province, Khak Jabar, Chahar Asyab, Mosahi, Bagrami, Paghman and De Sabz were among areas where insecurity continued to deteriorate. Srobi has links with insecure places such as Laghman, Nangarhar and Kapisa.
Haji Abdul Wali, a tribal elder of Srobi district said, remote areas did not have security, adding there was dire need for deployment of more police force and launching of anti-militants offensives.
According to him, the district shares borders with the restive Hasarak of Nangarhar, Badpikh and Tagab of Kapisa.
Resident of Khakjabar while complaining about the growing insecurity by fearing that the district could fall to Taliban. Earlier, Taliban stormed the building of security forces, which resulted in the death of several officials and snatching of their weapons.
Haji Zazi, a tribal leader of the district said most of the residents were sharing Taliban ideas and they had opposition toward government. 
Similarly, residents of De Sabz complained about heavy presence of illegally armed groups, saying the district was connected to Kabul but presence of illegally armed groups was a matter of greater concern.
Hikmatullah, a resident of the district said police officials were in connivance with bandits and criminals who were harassing people. A resident of Northern provinces of Kabul expressed satisfaction over the security situation but complained about the presence of armed groups.
Abdul Kabir, a resident of Qarabagh satisfied about the security situation by lauding police forces for doing commendable job.
Brig General Muhammad Zahir acknowledged some areas were experiencing some sort of insecurity, adding his forces had started taking steps to reverse the trend of lawlessness. He said his forces had held series of meetings with Khakjabar, Srobi, De Sabz, Paghman, Qarabagh, and Char Asyab tribal elders.
Much more is need to secure districts, promising all out steps would be taken to ensure security during elections.