1 – National Television of Khost Province:
The National Television of KHost province has launched its broadcasts since 1386 in southeastern Khost province. This Television Channel has 11 programs and its broadcasts were visible in the whole province. Having 21 employees, this tv channel has seven hours broadcasts, which also televise the programs of National Television from capital Kabul. Rohullah Amin, who led the National Television of Khost Province, had built a beautiful structure for this television over Khwaja Matoon Hill few years ago.
Contacts: 0799136636
Email: Khost.tv@gmail.com
2 – Gharghasht Television Channel:
The Gharghasht Televisioin Channel was formed with the personal cost of Sakhi Sarwar Miakhel, which started broadcasts since 2010. Having 20 employees, this television channel televises various programs for eight hours.
3 – National Radio of Khost:
The National Radio of Khost is a state-run radio channel, which launched broadcasts since 1362 and has 21 employees.  Being operational for seven-hours, this radio channel, which previously provide broadcasts through FM, is now offering publications through 89,5 wave and covered the provincial capital and some districts of the province.
Contacts: 0799136636
Email: Khost.radio@yahoo.com
4 – Peace Message Radio:
The “Peace Message” Radio is an independent radio channel, which has no link with any political department and is established by Zahid Shah Angar in Khost city since January, 2004. Of the 24 hours, this radio channel present 45 political, cultural, religious and social publications through 88.8 fm wave for 16 hours.
Contacts: 0708198409
Email: z_angar@yahoo.com
5 – The Public Voice Radio:
The “Public voice” Radio was set up by Amanullah Haqmal in southeastern Khost province since 1387. Of the 24 hours, this radio channel present broadcasts through 96.7 waves for 17 hours. The Public Voice Radio covered the whole Khost province even some tribal areas cross the Duran Line. This radio has 25 employees and broadcast various political, social and cultural programs.
Contacts: 0700787788
6 - Radio Killid:
Led by Naqibullah Matoon Wall, the Radio Killid has started activities since 2010 in southeastern Khost province. It has 11 employees and broadcast 39 various programs. Being donated by Killied Group, this radio channel has broadcasts through 2.88 fm for 24 hours and covers the whole province.
Contacts: 0700832833
Email: naqib.khost@gmail.com
7 – The Hillo Karavan “Convoy of Hopes” Radio:
The Hillo Karavan Radio is considered as one of active media in southeastern Khost province, which was formed by some traders of Khost in 2009. The radio broadcasts for 17 hours in 24 hours, which covers some tribal areas of Pakistan, in addition to Khost. This radio has 27 employees, including six women.
Contacts: 0700795012
Email: afsar_sadq@yahoo.com
8 – Chinar Radio:
The Chinar Radio, which started activities in 2012 broadcasts for 14 hours in a day and is established with private investment of Mohammad Ghafor Mihdi, a resident of Khost province.  This radio broadcasts through 89.8 wave and has covered Khost and all districts of the province.
Contacts: 0700606067
Email: ghafor_mahidi@yahoo.com
9 – Nan Radio “Today Radio”
The Today Radio was set up by Ihsanullah Zadran in 2010, broadcasting for 12 hours and has 23 employees. This radio broadcasts 33 programs and covers the whole province.
Contacts: 0700788685
Email: nan.fm@gmail.com
10 – Khost Magazine
The Khost magazine was formed by information and culture department during the Taliban regime in 2000. In addition of Khost province, copies of the magazine could be found in other provinces. Printing costs of the magazine is provided by information and culture department, containing political, literary, cultural, and religious and entertainment contents.
Contacts: 0700794994
Email: z.nazar94@gmail.com
11 – The Paywaston “Solidarity” Magazine:
The Solidarity Magazine was set up since 2010 and published through solidarity cultural association each three months. Being headed by Mohammad Rassoul, the financial costs of the magazine was provided by national traders and members of the relevant association, publishing commercial announcements.
Contacts: 0700150029
Email:  adil.khost@gmail.com
12 - The Woles Arman “Public Hopes” Magazine:
The Public Hopes Magazine, which first copy was printed when Baryalai Rawan was its chief editor in 2011. Being published by the governor’s office, this magazine is financed by Spozhmai cultural association, involving contents about government and published each three months.
Contacts: 0700074319
Email: khost. publicrelation@gmail.com
13 – Ihsas-I-Millie “National Sentiment” Daily:
The National Sentiment daily is set up in 2010 and still published through Spozhmai cultural association. The National Sentiment Daily is financed by the governor’s office, containing daily news and political topics and is distributed in neighbor provinces and capital Kabul, in addition to Khost.  Currently, Spin Rawan Noorzai is editor in chief of National Sentiment Daily.
Contacts: 0702566569
Email: melee.ehsas.daily@gmail.com