1-      Khawar Private Television:
It is mong the vibrant media outlet in Kunduz province. The television is founded in 2006 by Jalaluddin Mahmodi, assistant of Afghanistan National Radio Television. It has eight hours broadcast with its transmissions are receivable in surrounding areas of 35 square kilometers.
The Khawar television has 25 employees and it commercials help to meet its expenses.
The television has a large number of viewers and is considered the first ranked local media outlets in Kunuz province. Shabaz Sabiri overlooks its overall affairs.
Contact No: 0707411664
E-mail: Shahbaz_sabery@yahoo.com
2-      Radio Khawar:
The Radio Khawar is the sister chain of Khawar Television. The FM radio is founded in 2011 and broadcast from 05: 00 am until zero hours in the night. Radio Khawar has 18 employees including male and female. Person contribution by its head and commercial help fulfill its expenses. Its transmission reaches to chardarh, Aliabad, Khanabad and some areas of Qala Zal district incouding Kunduz city.
Contact No: 0707411664
Email: Shahbaz_sabery@yahoo.com
3-      Radio Zahrah:
Founded by internews in 2002, the radio specifically focuses to presents women related programs. It was the first media outlet established right after the collapse of Taliban regime.
The radio Zahrah broadcast 24 hours programs in 55 square kilometers areas. The financial expenditure of radio is met by the revenue generated through its commercials. The organization has 20 with most of them are female staff. Najih Kudayar is it’s in charge.
Contact No: 0799374314
Email: radio_zohra@yahoo.com
4-      Radio Roshni:
The Radio Roshni is an independent media outlet founded by Sadiqa Sherzai in Kunduz city in 2002. Broadcasting on FM 89, the aadio is the second established one in Kunduz.
It covers Kunuz city and Chardarh, Khanabad and Aliabad districts. It has 18 employees and broadcast round-the-clock presenting social, cultural, entertainment, religious, health and sports related programs. The radio is focusing more on issues related to women and majority of its employees are women.
Contact No: 0775920946
Email: radio_raoshani@yahoo.com
5-      Radio Chrag:
Founded in 2010 by Malali Yousufi, the Charg Radio is another emerging media outlet in Kunduz province.It has 24 hours broadcast that can be received in Kunduz province and some parts of Takhar and Baghlan as well.The Charg Radio is financially backed by ISAF, personal investment and the revenue generated from its commercials.It has 19 employees.
Contact No: 0799206422
Email: radio.cheragh@gmail.com
  6.  Radio Kayhan:
Considered among viberant media outlets in Kunduz province, the radio Kayhan is founded by Zarghona Hassan in 2009. It broadcasts from 6:00 am until zero hour in the night covering 40 square kilometers area. The financial expenditure of Kayhan radio is met through its commercials. It has 15 employees.
Contact No: 0708188977
Email: kaihan_fm@yahoo.com
7.      Radio Jaihon:
Based in Imam Sahib District of Kunduz province, the radio Jaihon is founded in 2004 by Abdul Shakoor Doast, head of provincial information and cultural affairs department with the financial support of Internews. The radio presents its broadcasts in two shifts after a break from 06:00 am until 12:00 pm and again from 03:00 pm till 09:00 pm. The radio broadcasts can be received in limited areas. Its expenses are met thorugh its commercials with some personal investment. It has 15 employees.
Contact No: 0799435282
Email: radio_jaihon @yahoo.com   
8.      Local Radio Television of Kunduz :
The Local Radio Television of Kunduz is established right after the collapse of Taliban regime. It broadcasts round-the-clock receivable in nearby areas of Kuduz province. Iin addition, it airs programs of national radio television too. The local radio television has separate hours airing social, cultural, political and news programs. It has special programs and documentaries for women as well. The total number of its employees is 31 including women. Abdul Shakor Qadardan is headed the outlet.
Contact No: 0788432661  
9.      Daily Newspaper:
Known as one of the vibrant daily publications in Kuduz province, the Daily Newspaper is founded in 2009 by a number of journalists, which started publication soon after its foundation. The newspaper is registered with institute of media and culture and funded by the member of the institution.  A number of journalists are working in the publication of the paper which includes updated reports of northern zone of the country including Badakhshan, Baghlan, and Takhar province. The daily has its registration with different government and nongovernment institutions who pay their monthly registration fee to the paper, the main source of meeting its financial expenses.
Contact No: 0799200735
E-mail: zabe.majidi@gmail.com
10.  Daily Bostan:
The daily Bostan is another active newspaper in the province It is founded by a youngster Noman in 2006. The daily Bostan has a circulation in Kunduz, Takhar, Badakshan, Kabul and Balkh provinces simultaneously. In addition, it has hundreds of readers in government and private sectors through its web page.  The daily Bostan is financially supported by monthly registration fee of its members. It has eight employees.
Contact No: 0700700665
Email: Bostan.roznama@gmail.com
11.  Weekly Kunduz:
The state-run publication founded in 2002. The weekly is being published under the supervision of provincial information and cultural affairs department. The weekly publishes 2,000 brushers and distribute it free of cost on behalf of provincial information and cultural affairs and the same department pays for its financial expenditures. It has five employees.
Contact No: 0793405599
E-mail: snoorulainn@yahoo.com
12.  Monthly Nama:
Founded in 2011 by Hamdullah Danishi, assistant of Kunduz governor, the montly Nama is being financially supported by the governor office and German development organization (GIZ).It publishes 1,200 monthly copies and later distributed in different provinces and cities.
Contact No: 0703112222
E-mail: khaliq1973@gmail.com
13.  Monthly Police:
The monthly police is another publication in Kunduz province, which was founded in 2012 by the provincial police headquarters. The magazine is presenting topics related to development and activities of police force on monthly basis. It publishes 1, 000 copies on monthly basis and distributed in major cities of provinces.
Contact No: 0798010406
Email: sarwar/jissaomee@yahoo.com
14.  Monthly Zan:
The monthly Zan magazine is published by the provincial department of women affairs on monthly basis. It presents topics on women issues such as violation against women. In addition, it focus on issues as how to generate employment opportunities and other social and cultural developments for women. The provincial head of women affairs Nadarah Gayah is its in charge. The magazine publishes around 500 monthly copies and then being distributed in several provinces.
Contact No: 0700616117
Email: zanan_kunduz@yahoo.com