The province of Lagman has six administrative units including Alingar, Alishig, Dawlat Shah, Qarghai, Baad Pukh and its capital city, Mehtar Lam.
1-      Mehtar Lam:
Mehtar Lam is the capital city of Laghman province. The province is home to governor office and other government institutions. The shrine of renowned Mehtar Lam Baba is situated in the province. The city has vast irrigated land with its people associate with the profession of cultivation. It has 51 villages and the popular towns include Chardihi, Tagri, Haydar Khani, Umarzi, Pashi, Alishing, Daiziarat, Shamangul, Taj Kari and Basram.
2-      Alingar:
AlingarVally is located 25 kilometers away from Mehtar Lam Baba. It merits mention that Kunar situated to its northeast, Nangarhar and Noristan Province. Most of the land is covered by mountains and forest where walnut trees are in greater number. The soil of Alingar produces bumper crops of wheat, corn and vegetable. Alingar Rivers flows within the district. A leading personality Muhammad Jan Khan who fought in Anglo-Afghan war was hailing from Alingar district.
3-      Alishing:
Alishing district is located 20 kilometers toward the northeast of Mehtar Lam. It population touches the figure of 68, 135 individuals who are mainly associat with agriculture profession.
4-      Dawlat Shah:
The district of Dawlat Shah is located at a 40 kilometers distance to the north of Mehtar Lam, bordering with Panjshir province. It population is estimated around 408, 871 individuals. Livestock and agriculture are main professions of the people.
5-      Qarghai:
The Qargai district is situated to the southeast of Mehtar Lam Baba at a distance of 20 kilometers. Its population exceeds 70, 688 individuals. Qarghai land is found suitable for cultivation where people sow vegetables in large quantity and export then to Kabul.
The Kabul River flows within Qarghai while the Kabul- Jalalabad routes passes through the district.
6-      Bad Pukh:
The Bad Pukh district is located 70 kilometers to the west of Mehtar Lam, bordering Sarobi district of Kabul province. The district was disintegrated from the capital in 2012, and its status was recognized as a separate district. Mountains cover its large part of area that’s why it has small land for agriculture purpose.