1-      Laghman Magazine:
Established in 2006, Laghman Magazine is being controlled by the Information and Cultural department.
The weekly magazine covers subjects ranging from social, cultural, and to arts. The magazine has circulation in almost every district of Laghman province. Alhaj Dawa Jan is the magazine’s editor in chief.
Contact No: 0799619066     
2-      Roshan Magazine:
Founded in 2008 in Laghman province, Roshan is an independent annually published magazine. It focuses on political, social and cultural issues. Sulaiman Zalmai is it’s in charge.
Contact No: 0786198168   
3-      Laghman National Radio Television:
The Laghman National Radio Television was established in 2004 in Laghman province. The television has four hours broadcast, while the radio broadcasts last for eighteen hours. During transmission, different programs related to reformation, rehabilitation, art and culture are presented to serve the audience.
Headed by Mohibullah Mohib, it has more than ten employees.  
Contact No: 0700161885
4-      Laghman Youth:
The Laghman Youth was established in 2004. It is a monthly newspaper and is printed by Mohammad Nazar Afghan, the editor in chief. Laghman provincial information and cultural department oversee the organization.
Contact No: 0708198592    
5-      Bora Magazine:
The Bora is an independent magazine in Laghman province. It was established in 2011 in a bid to create awareness in areas such as political, social, cultural and constructive criticism.
Its owner is Umar Bora Zamani while the son of Shazada Shereen is it’s in charge.
Contact No: 0708198592   
6-      Kawoanghag Radio:
The only independent private media outlet is the Kawonghag radio which relays programs for thirteen hours. It mainly presents social, technical, entertainment and critical programs.
The transmission can be received in some parts of neighboring Nuristan province too. Financially, it depends on its commercial announcements.
Najib-ur-Rahman Inqilabi is its owner and editor in chief. The radio has ten employees.
Contact No: 0799619092
E-mail: zarkamr_laghaman@yahoo.com   
7-      Shinkai Laghman:
Established back in 2012, Shinkai Laghman is an independent magazine.
Masroor Javed is it’s in charge while Youth Cultural Society heads the magazine.
Contact No: 0788109766