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Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 09:45

PUL-I-ALAM: The Logar province is going deeper into chaos in terms of insecurity, administrative corruption and pause in development activities, residents say.
The residents of Logar demand of the government to employ measures and ensure rule of law to reverse the trend of anti-social and state elements.
Haji Dawood Mailma, head of the community development council of Padkhwab locality said that growing insecurity has virtually threatened the lives of the residents. He expressed concern that the sense of insecurity surges by each passing day, demanding of the government to take immediate steps to ameliorate the situation.
He went on to say that most of the development projects are facing delay or have been halted because of insecurity in the province. “Joblessness and insecurity are among the biggest problems in the province,” he added.  
Abdul Jamil 25, a resident of the insecurity-gripped province expresses similar complain by saying that the people of Logar have been suffering from the fast- growing insecurity.
People are wary of daily clashes, explosions and killings, he said, adding that their sole demand is that the government should employ all means to ensure strict security measures.
“Insecurity gives birth to other problems such as dilapidated condition of roads and shortage of hospitals that are lack of state-of-the-art facilities. The residents live in constant sense of fear,” he added.
Followed by insecurity, he said that administrative corruption is the second biggest problem of the residents--- a phenomenon that tends to create gap between government and people who lost their trust on government.
Hikmatullah, a resident of Charkh district said that the people are still suffering following continues war, adding that today people are fighting to each other. He said that most of the families left their villages for safer places while those who could not afford to leave continue to suffer. He said that there is no serious problem of a serious magnitude except of insecurity.
People expect no hope of a better tomorrow because the development projects could not be taken forward due to growing lawlessness and insecurity, he added. He said that people lost their trust on government because of rampant administrative corruption.
“Armed militants stop construction of all development projects such as roads, schools and health clinics despite the fact that the residents direly need their implementation,” Hikmatullah added.
Ahmadullah 35, a resident of Baraki Barak district in his chat with Pajhwok Afghan News said that the people are tired of war and it is their long standing desire to see a peaceful and secured country in their lifetime.
He said the is a literature graduate from Kabul University but he is unable to start work of his choice because of insecurity.
“Persistent fight led us to joblessness and the joblessness navigated us to eternal poverty and desolation,” he remarked.
Azizullah, an elder of Pul-i-Alam district said that a huge amount of money poured in to this country but that could not be spent properly due to rampant corruption.
Current state of fighting and the saga of administrative corruption are major problems of the people, he said, adding that problems are increasing instead of decreasing.
Abdullah 24, a student at pedagogical institute and resident of Azra locality said that war and fighting is one of the major problems that haunt the residents of the country.
“War is a main source of concern for the people and if the foreigners leave the country then chaos, disorder and infighting will again engulf the entire country,” he predicted.
Joblessness, widespread poverty and lack of communication are among problems that are being faced by the war-weary people, he added.
Haji Gul Ahmad, a tribal elder from Baraki Barak district said that he has been experiencing problems throughout his life. He said that officials who enjoy high position in government departments are busy minting money and are looking for opportunity to leave the country.
He said that problems such as absence of paved roads, bridges and schools continue to haunt the residents for years.
“People live in constant fear. No one spends even a single night peacefully because they do not consider themselves safe from the American choppers or armed gunmen even in their own houses. We take every breath in fear,” he added.
Mohammad Nazir, a shopkeeper in Pul-e-Alam while holding the foreigners responsible for the current wave of problems, said that the problems tend to persist as long as interference of foreigners is not halted. He said that serious steps should be taken to take on officials involved in corruption, adding that plan should be worked out to end the current wave of fighting.
Javed 35, a resident of Mohammad Agha district said that persistent joblessness among youth forced families to live in constant poverty. He said that the government has the capacity to do much more to facilitate the masses, adding that construction of some schools and health clinics did not bring any visible change in the lives of the people