1-National Radio and Television:
National Radio Television broadcasts from Maidan Shahr since four years under the supervision of department of culture and information.
The newtwork has ten employees with Waheed Atif is its managing director.
Contact No: 0799669932
2-United Voice Radio:
It is the only known private radio from Maidan Wardak province. It is established with the extended cooperation of inter news back in 2003 in Sayed Abad district. Its transmissions reach to nearby district. It has four employees. Hazrat Din Nasrat is the head of the organization.
Contact No: 0799438575 
3-Zala Television:
Zala is the only private Television in the province. It is going through the process of establishment. Its incharge is Engineer Mohammad Umar Haleem.
Contact: 0700286671
4-Radio Chak:
Sinec 2004, the radio broadcasts programs from Chak district of Maaidan Wardak province once in a week. It presenting music related programs.  Financially, the radio supported by the U. S. troops stationed in Chak district. However, after the withdrawal of U. S. troops from the province, the radio halted broadcast.
5-Weekly National Goal:
The Weekly National Goal magazine is the first printing outlet. The department of information and culture oversee the magazine. Since 2004, the magazine is being circulated weekly by carrying provincial news as its main topics of the week. On some special occasion, the magazine issues special edition. The office of the governor bears all its expenses. Sher Muhammad Khan is the in charge of the magazine.
Contact No: 0771844050
Paizwan is a weekly magainze, which mostly focuses on women affairs. The magazine is inaugurated by Muhammad Haleem Fidai, former governor of Maidan. Miss Wahida Shkoli is the incharge of the Paizwan.
Contact No: 07814869965
The weekly Badlon magazine is being circulated through internet to its readers. It was launched by Muhammad Haleem Fidai, the former governer of Maidan Wardak, Mohammad HaleemFidai.
The magazine focuses on news and other events related to the province. It is arranged and distributed from the governor office via emails to its readers.
8-Municipality Weekly:
Founded last year, the Municipality Weekly focuses on municipality affairs. It is printed on a quality colour paper and publishes once in a week. 
Mashwarah is a monthly magazine being published from Maidan Wardak provincial council.
The magazine is being printed on good quality paper having four pages. It focuses the biographies of provincial council members.
Contact No: 0799490491
10-Ahad Magazine:
Ahad Magazine is distributed under the supervision of Engineer Haytullah. Ahad offers a detailed overview of religious, cultural, social and economic topics. It is annual magazine and is being run through its commercial announcements.
Contact No: 0786731258  
11-Sun Shine: (LmarWrangah)
Sine 2004, the Sun Shine magazine publishes under the supervision of Jalal Ashna in Maidan Wardak province.
It focuses on education, cultural, health, social and economic affairs. Private sector is the main source of support to run the magazine.
12-Maidan Youth Magazine:
The Maidan Youth Magazine is published since 2004 from Maidan Wardak province. The magazine presents articles about education, cultural, politics and economic issues. It in charge is Himatullha Aminzai.
Contact No: 0700065842
13-Sport Magazine:
The Sport Magazine is inaugurated for the first time in Maidan Warkad province in 2004. It focuses mainly sports related topics. Its incharge is Sayed Rahman.  
14-Shpili Magazine:
Founded in 2004, the Shpili magazine publishes under the supervision of Baryali Rawan. It is a monthly magazine, which offers articles on political, economic, cultural, art and social issues. Its publication has been halted but earlier it was funded by mediothec.
Contact No: 0700074319
15-Health Care Magazine:
Dr. Asghar Kahil has launched magazine in Maid Wardak province in 2004. Health care is an annual magazine, which focuses on health related issues.
Contact No: 0799874494
16-                       Khurshid Sanglakhat:
Khurshid Sanglakhat is launched from Maidan Wardak province for the first time under the supervision of Ibadi. The magazine covers economic, political, cultural and social issues. 
17-Annual Jalgah:  
The Annaul Jalgah magazine is published in 2008, which is headed by Yaqoob. It offers articles about various topics.
Contact No: 0778535215
18-Apple Magazine:
Gul Agha Ahmadi is the head the annual Apple, which is launched back in 2009. The magazine focuses on economic, political, cultural, art and social issues.
Contact No: 0799301833
19-Snow Magazine:
Sifatullah is heading the annual Snow magazine. It is launched in 2010. The magazine presents subjects while covering multiple topics.
20-Dreez Magazine:
Launched in 2007, the Dreez magazine is supversied by Ajmal Hodman in Maidan Wardak province. The magazine focuses on economic, political, cultural, art and social issues.
Contact No: 0700249889  
The annual magainze, Zala is published in 2008 under the supervision of Muhammad Javed from Maidan Wardak province . The magazine covers various topis.
Contact No: 07727667889 
22-                       Gul Ban Magazine:
Gul Ban magazine is being run with the extended support of city municipality. It is launched in 2009. It is the weekly magazine, which offers articles on different topics besides municipality related issues.  
Wish is published twice in a month. It is founded by Muhammad Halim Fidai in Maidan Wardak province in 2010.The magazine highlights issues of provincial development and activities of governor house.however, it has suspended its publication.
Contact No: 0700631860
24- Wardak Weekly: 
Wardak weekly is established in 2009 by Mr. Obaidullah Noori. It publishes twice a month and covers economical, cultural, social, health, security and political including arts issues. 

contact No : 0777853444