The central Maidan Wardak provincial council has 15 members. The council has the following administrative board members.
Head: Halima Askari.
Deputy Head: Mirwais Amiri.
Secretary: Sharifullah Hotak.
1- Mohammad Sardar Bakhtyari:
Son of Bakhtyar, Mohammad Sardar Bakhtyari is born in 1982 in the Qomi Dihqan locality of Behsud district. He completed his early education at his hometown. Currently, he studies bachelor degree in law and political science at the Rabia Balkhi University in capital Kabul. Earlier, he worked as a businessman.
Contact No: 0766404142
2- Haji Ahmad Jaffari:
Haji Ahmad Jaffari is the son of Qambar Ali. He is born in 1965 in the Pakhcha Qala locality of Deh Mirdad district. Jaffari graduated from Imam Hassan High School in Peshawar Pakistan. Before making his way to the provincial council, he had his own business.
Contact No: 0771145166
3-Khawani Sultani:
Son of Mohammad Mohsin, Khawani is born in 1953 in the Behsud district. He is a 12th class graduate and served as tribal elder before making his way to the provincial council.
Contact No: 0778871825
4- Hassan Rasool:
Hassan Rasool is the son of Mir Afghan. He is born in 1985 in Behsud district. Currently, he is the student of law and political science in faculty in Noor University. Earlier, he was director of a school in his locality. Rasool has no political affiliation.
Contact No: 0770809959
5-Halima Askari:
Daughter of Mohammad Raza, Halima Askari is born in the Mamrak village of central Behsud district in 1989. She earned her bachelor degree in law and political science from Kabul University. She served in the council’s previous terms as well.
Contact No: 0799324564
6-Sharifullah Hotak:
Sharifullah Hotak is the son of Hazrat Janan Hotak. He is born in 1988 in the Ziwalato locality of Jalrez district. He completed his high school education at his hometown. Later, he studied two years course in business administration in capital Kabul. Hotak attended military academy also and currently studies law and political science at Kabul University. Earlier, he was civil society activist and had his own business.
Contact No: 0777745489
7-Asmatullah Asim:
Son of Amanullah, Asmatullah Asim is born in 1979 in the Karimdad village of Narkh district. He is a medical doctor and served as civil society activist before becoming provincial council member.
Contact No: 0700266032
8-Hussain Ali Baligh:
Hussain Ali Baligh is the son of Mohammad Azim. He is born in 1985 in the Langar locality of Hisa-i-Awal Behsud district. He earned his bachelor degree in social sciences from Kabul University. Earlier, he served at the ministry of interior affairs.
Contact No: 0775018691
9-Haji Abdul Wahid Akbarzoi:
Son of Imran Khan, Haji Abdul Wahid Akbarzoi is born in 1971 in the Syedabad district. He studied up to 12th class and served as tribal elder.
Contact No: 0770467994
10-Akhtar Mohammad Tahiri:
Akhtar Mohammad Tahiri is the son of Hazrat Mohammad Tahiri. He is born in 1949 in the Shikhabad locality of Syedabad district. He is graduated from 12th class and could not complete his economic faculty due to civil war in the country. Earlier, he served as director of provincial Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI).
Contact No: 07009090
11-Mirwais Amiri:
Mirwais Amiri is the son of Amir Mohammad. He is born in 1950 in the Amarkhel locality of Maidan Shahar, the provincial capital. He is graduated from pedagogical institute and served as teacher and director in different schools. 
Contact No: 0797608180
12-Hajira Mazari:
Daughter of Mohammad Raza, Mazari is born in the Zab Zakobiron locality of Behsud district. She has bachelor degree in natural sciences from Kabul University.
Contact No: 0797608180
13-Nafisa Selai Wardak:
Nafisa Selai Wardak is the daughter of Mohammad Nadir. She is born in 1988 in the Tarakhel locality of Saydabad district. She earned her bachelor degree in economics from Kabul University. She served in different national and international organizations. Earlier, she was member of a civil society organization.
Contact No: 0786284800
14-Masood Shnezai:
Son of Haji Mohammad Umar, Shnezai is born in 1985 in the Saydabad district. He received his bachelor degree in Business Administration from an Indian university. Earlier, he had his own business.
Contact No: 0798888835
15-Sayyed Rohullah Alvi:
Sayyed Rohullah Alvi is the son of Sayyed Ghazanfar Shah. He is born in 1987 in the central Behsud district. Alvi has bachelor degree in Law and Political Science from Kabul University. Earlier, he did not have any government job.
Contact No: 0799735799