1 – Bost Radio:
Bost is one of the active radio channels in southern Helmand province, which was established under the leadership of Abdul Salam Zahid in 2008. This radio has broadcasts from 6 am to 11 pm and has covered 70 kilometers area.
Contacts: 0700787315, 0707810310
Email: a.patsoon@midia.com
2 – Sabawoon Radio:
Sabawoon radio was established by Internews in 2004 in southern Helmand province. This radio has 18 hours broadcasts and its area of coverage is measured up to 80 kilometers. Sabawoon radio has 20 employees and meets its financial needs through its commercials and the financial support of Internews.
Contacts: 0793700070, 0799177949
Emails: helmand101@gmail.com
3 – Samoon Radio:
Samoon Radio was esablished by Mohammad Salim Zmaryal in 2006 and its area of coverage was measured up to 80 kilometers. This radio broadcasts for 13 hours and its founder is paying its financial costs. Samoon radio has 15 employees.
Contacts: 0702165883, 0706670613,
Emails: aqadee12@gmail.com
4 – Moska Radio:
Moska Radio was set up by Mirwais Paason in 2008 and broadcasts for 12 hours. This radio’s financial needs were met through commercials and financial support of its founder. It has 12 employees and has covered 60 kilometers area.
Contacts: 0799891319, 0799177949
Emails: zalmi@gmail.com
5 – Helmand Weekly:
Helmand Weekly was published for the first time through the information and culture department in 1954. This weekly was published each week and comprised 500 pages and donated by the department of information and culture in Helmand province, which has only three employees.
Contacts: 0799436729
6 – Pagrai Magazine:
Pagrai Magazine was established by Helmand cultural activists in 2003 and its copies were being disseminated to other provinces as well. This magazine was donated with the financial support of Mohammad Ismail Sharifyar and has six employees.
Contacts: 0708198483
7 – Puya Magazine:
Puya Magazine was established by Qasim Ali Jafari in 2003 in Helmand province. The copies of this magazine were disseminated in Kandahar, Herat and Kabul provinces as well. Financial requirements of Puya Magazine were prepared with the support of Qasim Ali Jafari.
Contacts: 0799177725, 0707305300
Emails: jafary_2009@yahoo.com
8 – Lashkargah Magazine:
Being published in Helmand, the copies of Lashkargah magazine were also disseminated in many other provinces of the country, which for the first time had been established by cultural activists of Helmand in 2009. This magazine is financed by Helmand cultural activists and has 10 employees.
Contacts: 0706832663
Emails: hadi.omari@gmail.com