1 – Hewad Television:
Hewad is the first television channel in southern Kandahar Province, which is established back in 2006. It is owned by Afghan Civil Association. The channel broadcasts various political, social, and entertainment programs from 6: 00 am to 12: 00 am.
Contact: 0700318759
Email: saadat.javid@gmail.com
2 – Afghan Azada Radio:
Afghan Azada is a private radio channel in southern Kandahar Province, which is established in 2006 and is owned by Afghan Civil Association. The radio relay political, social and entertainment programs from 5: 00 am to 1: 00 am.
3 – Wranga Radio:
Wranga is a private radio channel in southern Kandahar Province, and is established by a national trader, Mahmoud Pacha four years back. The radio releases various political, social, economic, and entertainment programs from 7: 00 am to 10: 00 pm.
Contact: 0700309127
Email: wranga.radio@yahoo.com
4 – Mirman Radio:
Mirman is among the first radio channels in southern Kandahar Province. Its programmes mainly focus on women affairs. A Kandahar provincial council member, Maryam Durani is the owner of the radio and it broadcasts from 7: 00 am till 12: 00am.
Contact: 077889972
Email: afg_kkwac@yahoo.com
5 – Killeed Radio:
Owned by Killeed Group, the radio channel is established in southern Kandahar Province in 2007 and releases various political, social, educational, and regional programs for 24 hours.
Contact: 0707003131
Email: n.azaad@tkg.af
6 – Sanga Radio:
The Sanga is a private radio channel that is established by a national trader, Qudratullah in southern Kandahar Province in 2012. It broadcasts social, political, and entertainment programs. It relays start from 7: 00 am to 12: 00 am.
Contact: 0700988086
Email: aghashirmonar@gmail.com
7 – Talimul Islam Wolesi Radio:
Talimul Islam Wolesi Radio is the first radio channel in southern Kandahar Province. It broadcasts mainly religious issues. It is owned by a religious scholar, Mohammad Omar Khitabi some three years back. The monthly Talimul Islam magazine is also owned by this group. Its programme starts from 7: 00 am and to 10: 00 pm.
Contact: 0700300570
Email: khitabi@gmail.com
8 – Yawali Radio:
The Yawali Radio is established by the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), which broadcasts entertainment and informative programs 24 hours.
Contact: 0700307043
Email: kaf.prnGmail.com
9 – Islam Ghag Radio:
The Islam Ghag Radio is established by southern Kandahar Ulema Council in 2005 and it mainly broadcasts religious programme. The radio relays programme from 7: 00 am till 11: 00 pm.
Contact: 0700024626
10 – Kandahar Radio Television:
Kandahar Radio Television is a state-run channel that releases various political, entertainments, social, and informative programme. It broadcasts starts from 7: 00 am till 10: 00 pm, however, telecasts of the television begins from 4: 00 pm and lasted till 11: 00 pm.
Contact: 0700333390
Email: tv.kandahar@gmail.com
11- Tabasum Radio Tabasum:
Tabasum Radio Tabasum private Radio established in 2016. Local Journalists Sadiqullah Afghan is the owner of the Radio. Hourly brief news, half-hour news service, various Political, Islamic, Entertainment and Social-related programmes are also being broadcasted from the Radio in Kandahar's city and more than 10 districts in the time of 18 hours on 91.2 & 87.5 FM. Including Kandahar's city the following districts like Arghandab, Zhari, Panjwai, Maiwand, Dand, Daman, Tokhtapol and Shwalikot are under the coverage of the Radio from the central station. The Radio also provides programmes on 87.5 FM in the bordering districts Maroof & Arghistan and soon the coverage would be widened to some Northern districts of the province as well. Contact details.
Contact: 0708362363
Email: tabasum.radio@gamil.com
12 – Tolo Afghan Daily:
Owned by the southern Kandahar information and culture department, Tolo Afghan daily is published in Pashto and Dari languages under the leadership of Maulvi Salih Mohammad since 1921. Later, it was known as first Pashto daily because it was being published in Pashto language during the time of Prof. Allam Habibi.
Tolo Afghan daily telecasts various ethical, scientific, religious, and literary, news and educational programs. The daily halted activities temporarily due to the negligence of Ministry of Information and Culture. However, it has been made operational again with the efforts of provincial officials, which is published thrice a week.
13 – Gardab Daily:
Gardab is the only independent daily in southern Kandahar Province, which has been publishing since 2012. Comprising eight pages, the daily publishes on daily basis and its owner is Qazi Mohammad Omar Omar. In addition to news, the daily focuses on political, academic, social, economic, literary, writing, and commentaries.
Contacts: 0752108490
Emails: gardabdaily@gmail.com
14 – Tatobai Weekly:
The Tatobai Weekly is an independent political, social, and cultural that publishes weekly from southern Kandahar Province. It has eight pages and it is owned by Abdul Wali Halimyar and has been functional for the past five years.
Contacts: 0795810083
Emails: tatobay@gmail.com
Inactive Media Outlets:
Over the past decade, a number of media outlets have been published by various organs and associations, but that halted activities due to various problems that included Wadan, Sorghar, Hasa, Aino, Islami Zhwand, Tatobai, Noorul Hoda, Khukla, Rana, Islami Dewa, and others.