Paktiais located 120 kilometres south of capital Kabul close to Durand Line. Paktia is of great importance in terms of having underground riches, but the province is neglected in terms of conducting mining exploration survey there. 
Provincial petroleum and mining department says many mines have so far been detected in Paktia but fully could not be utilized. Some of them are as follow.
1 – Chromites:
Chromitesmines are located in ShnaZhawara area of Ahmad Abad, Tanga area of Janikhel, Sinjaklocality of Syed Karam and Makawa area of Zurmat districts.
2 – Talc Mine:
This mine is located in Sargul area of AryubZazi district.
3 – Copper:
This mine is located in Michalgho area of Ahmad Abad district. According to Pajhwok Afghan News, the minister of mines and Paktia governor following a letter allowed a company to extract 200 tonnes of materials from the mine without any contract.
4 – Storage of Sulfur-Bearing Water:
These sulfur-bearing water storages are located in Tink area of Paktia province.
According to mining and petroleum department, no mine of the province has so far been surveyed to identify quality and quantity.
So far, no mine in Paktia is set for extraction, but Paktia mines seembetter in terms of quality, according to the mining department.