The strategically important Parwan has vast rich land and the province is known for having natural reservoirs of quality plumbum and zing.
Parwan has 15 kinds of natural resources such as coal, gems, zing, plumbum, copper, iron, chromites, marble and quartos in SurkhParsa, Ghorband, Syahgird, Kohi Safi, Salang and JabalSaraj districts.
In addition, large scale mine of pegmatite exists in Charikar, the provincial capital.
The mines of zing, plumbum and kohl have been identified for the last 80 years while rests of mines are newly discovered for which contract has formally been awarded.
Provincial minerals and petroleum department officials said contracts for more demining were expected to awardto brilliant companies in the near future.
Meanwhile, the extraction of precious stone is among the first deal of demining
1-      Mines of plumbum and zing:
The mines of plumbum and zing with gray colour can be found in Franjal area of Syahgird districts in large quantity.
Research shows that quality stones of zing and plumbum exist in Parwan where 26 different kinds of stones have been identified in 65 different points in Syahgird district.
The volume of these two mines is not clearly indicated, however, research has shown that 221,000 tons of quality zing and plumbum exist in these mines.
1- Coal:
Coal mine is situated in Turkaman valley and Taikhan area of Syahgird district, however, decision is yet to be taken regarding its extraction.
2- Mines of precious stones such as copper, iron and chromites:
The mine exists in Turkman valley and Hawza-e-Khas areas of Surkhparsa district. In addition, provincial mines department has recently discovered more natural reserves in Ghorbandvalley.
Among the precious stones, Trawtrin is a kind of stone which is used in constructions.
Officials of Parwan mineral and petroleum department say different companies are involved in illegal extraction of mines. They say the illegal extraction has now been halted. Currently, ten private companies have presented their proposals to unearth the natural reservoirs.
4- Chromitesmines:
Chromite minehas recently been discovered by Ministry of Mines and Petroleum and its extraction contract is awarded to HiwadwalPrivate Company but the quality of its extraction work is unclear.
Chromites mines are situated in Gadakhail, and Nazdarah areas of KohiSafaid district.
The gray colourchromites stone can be found in different shapes and its volume is estimated 180,000 metric tons in Parwan province.
5-Pegmatite mines:
The pegmatite stones’ mines are located in Hofyan Sharif, KhwajaSyaran, Alya, Topdara, Sanjedara areas and Charikar, the provincial capital. However, the contract for its extraction is yet to be awarded.
Pegmatite stone has white color and precious beads inside.
Eng. AbdulAhad, head of Parawn minerals and petroleum department said the exact figures about the volume of existing mines were yet to bedetermined.
He said existence of natural resources had been noticed in the province and his department was planning survey of as many as 25,000 meter land in the near future.
According to the officials, the department of mines and petroleum plans to generate 60% revenue from the mines’ sector.
The annual revenue generated from Parwan natural resources is estimated at around $2million.
7-Marble, quartos and iron mines:
These mines are situated in district Salang identified last year by the Ministry of Mines; however, the extraction work is yet to be initiated.
The mines of marbles are found in Kohlami valley, Jafarak, Qalatak and Ahangaranlocalities while mines of iron located in Taghma and Baba Mardan areas of Salang district.
Similarly, the mines of garnet (a kind of silicate mineral) are located in Salang and JabalSaraj districts.
Garnet stones have red in colourand quartz has white and pink colour.