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Sunday, September 22, 2013 - 14:15

ZARANJ (PAN): Residents of Nimroz demand enhanced security, potable water and measures to stem growing drug smuggling in the province.
Gul Ahmad, a resident of Zaranj said they did not want anything from the government except provision of clean drinking water. The Helmand River was flowing toward Iran through Nimroz but the people of the province could not utilize even a drop of the water.
Some of the people bought tankers’ water but most of the residents could not afford, he said adding it was the prime responsibility of the government to ensure supply of drinking water to the people.
Sayed Muhammad Baya, a resident of the capital city underlined the establishment of a department to discourage the drug smuggling. He said the drug smuggling left negative impact on the custom department.
The province experiences growing insecurity and surge in drug smuggling because of sharing long borders with Pakistan and Iran, he added,
He said drug smuggling paved way for insecurity on the one hand while on the other it gave boost to drug users.
Safiullah, a resident of Chanartu district said insecurity did not only create a host of problems for the residents but it had hampered development of the province. He said the province had vast business and investment opportunities but insecurity was the main hurdles to promote business ventures or other development activities.
“First and foremost, the government should adopt measure to ensure security in the province,” he added.
Suhrab, provincial head of rural development of Chahar Burjak district demanded the government was needed to establish health clinics elsewhere to facilitate the poverty-stricken masses of the province.
“The dilapidated condition of roads, lack of professional teachers and the absence of telecom companies are among the problems people of the volatile region have been facing. The government should focus to resolve the genuine problems of the residents,” he added.
He said it took several hours to reach to the provincial capital with passengers’ vans fare had been surged manifold because of uneven and bumpy road.
Haji Nabi Jan, a tribal elder in King district while complaining about the unavailability of drinking water said, the government should employ all resources to provide the residents with clean potable water.
Besides the unavailability of drinking water, agricultural land was facing irrigation water shortage, turning many lands barren, he added. He demanded the government should take urgent steps to resolve the long-standing water scarcity issue.
He underlined the need the government should ensure water supply from Lashkari canal to the residents of King District. Mehr Ahmad Baya, a resident of Chakhansor district said there was dire need of exploring job opportunities for the people of his locality.
“Due to joblessness, the people of my district either addicted to drugs or taking part in fighting,” Baya added.
Ghulam Muhauddin Baya, a resident of Khashrod district said the concerned departments should ensure provision of irrigation water, which would promote agriculture sector in the province and bolster farmers’ economy.
He said the government should direct the concerned authorities to launch a drive of canals and water channels cleaning so that agriculture land could get water on time.