1 – Voice of Friendship:
Considered one of a vibrant radio channel in Nimroz, Voice of Friendship was established by Syed Abdullah Rahmani in Nimroz province. Its expenses are being met with the help of its commercials. It has ten employees.
Contacts: 0700567725
Emails: rhm.rahmani@gmail.com
2 – Shafa Monthly:
Shafa Monthly was formed by Maulvi Bashir Ahmad Khatibi in 2005. As many as 500 copies of the monthly are being printed and then circulated in Farah and Herat provinces. The organization functions with financial contribution of people and has 20 employees.
Contacts: 0799574375
3 – Youths Monthly:
The Youths Monthly is known as one of active media outlets in Nimroz province. It was set up by United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) in 2010. It has four employees.
Contacts: 079874764
Emails: amanullah_barkzai@gmail.com
4 – Nimroz Voice:
Considered as one of fast-emerging media organization in the province, Nimroz voice was established by Fazal Karim and Zabihullah in 2003. It has five employees and being donated by Zaranj Voice Association.
Contacts: 0703779100, 0799599911