Along with head of the panel, Nimroz provincial council has nine members. Four of them served in the previous tenure as well.
1. Baz Mohammad Nasir:
Baz Mohammad Nasir is the son of Haji Abdul Qayyum Nasir. He was born in Iran in 1983 at a time when his family was living a refugee life there. He is a 12th class graduate in Iran and received his bachelor and then master degree in economics and political science from India. Serving as incumbent head of Nimroz provincial council, Nasir is the owner of Nimroz Cement Company.
Phone No: 0799884030
2. Rohullah Gul Khairzad:
Daughter of Haji Mohammad Amin, Rohullah Gul Khairzad is born in 1978 in Zarang, the capital of central Nimroz province. She has a bachelor degree in Law and Political Science. She served as teacher from 1988 to 2003. During her first tenure, she was deputy head of the provincial council while during the second term she served as senator and head of the defense and security commission there. Khairzad, as first secretary of the Loya Jirga on bilateral security agreement (BSA), received the 2003 most courageous woman award from the ministry of woman affairs. 
Phone No: 702242447
3. Mohammad Younus Arab:
Mohammad Younus Arab is the son of Wakil Dost Mohammad. He was born in 1967 in Zaranj, the provincial capital. He is graduated from the Civil Aviation University of Afghanistan and has served with air force till 1992. Since then, he served as tribal elder in Nimroz settling locals’ disputes. He also served as head of village, people’s representative and head of local development council.
Phone No: 0799644608
4. Haji Mohammad Nadir Baloch:
Son of Abdul Majid Baloch, Haji Mohammad Nadir Baloch is born in 1962. He lives in Chakhansor district. He completed his primary education at his hometown. He graduated from the military faculty and then served as military officer. Currently, he serves as member of provincial council.
5. Abdul Wahid Zawri:
Son of Haji Faqir Ahmad Khan Zawri, Haji Abdul Wahid Zawri is born in 1981 in Zaranj, the provincial capital. He is 12th class graduate and played a leading role in disputes solution of local people.
Phone No: 0799155722
6. Haji Masood Hakimi:
Masood Hakimi is the son of Mohammad Ayub Hakimi. He is born in 1971 in Zaranj, the provincial capital. He received his bachelor degree in Business Administration and has participated in Constitution Loya Jirga. He has also served as Nimroz health council head and an active civil society activist.
Phone No: 0799722454
7. Mohammad Saddique Chakhansori:
Son of Haji Gulam Sakhi, Mohammad Saddique Chakhansori is born in Chakhansor district. He has bachelor degree in Law and Political Science. Before making his way to the provincial council, he had served as head of the provincial agriculture department.
Phone No: 9611847
8. Niamatullah Saddiqui:
Son of Haji Inayatullah Saddiqui, Niamatullah Saddiqui is born in 1984 in Zaranj, the provincial capital. He completed his graduation from Nimroz Teacher Training Faculty in 2009. He served as teacher in Zaranj from 2006- 2014. Serving as secretary of the provincial council, he has worked as a civil society activist.
Phone No: 0799000075
9. Bibi Khair-u-Nisa Ghamai:
Daughter of Haji Khairuddin, Bibi Khair-u-Nisa Ghamai is born in 1963 in Kung district. She has bachelor degree in Law and Political Science. During the Taliban era, she received a license as a midwife. She has served as a teacher for 28 years in the boys and girls schools. She also has the experience of working in public awareness with UNAMA and has the membership of constitution secretary in women rights protection. She served as senator for five years and worked as head, deputy and secretary of women affairs commission there.
Phone No: 0797038718