ZARANJ (PAN): Nimroz official said implementation of big projects in the province had helped provided the people with hundreds of job opportunities.
However, refuting officials’ claims, residents complained lack of basic facilities and demanded the government should do more to initiate reconstruction projects in the province.
Mohammad Qasim Zadri, deputy governor of Nimroz told Pajhwok Afghan News implementation of reconstruction projects in the province had provided the people with job opportunities during the last decade.
“Among the implemented projects the vital 210- kilometers long Zaranj- Dilaram Highway is the biggest project built with a cost of $150 million. The highway has helped minimize people’s problems,” he added.
He said reconstruction of the road linking western provinces to southern had provided hundreds of persons with working opportunities.
The constriction of road had helped improvement of trade in Nimroz as if it was the transit route to Iran.
Referring to Silk Bridge constructed by Iran, he said the construction did not only resolve the long standing demand of the people but would help improve business activities. Reminding of Lashkeri-49 Kilometers long canal, he said first phase of the canal worth 6 million afghanis and the second phase costing as 42 million afghanis would be completed soon.
He added the first phase of Zaranj Airport had been completed and work on Chakhansoor District Dam had already been started and two other canals would be constructed.
He said construction work on 45-kilometers canal in Chahar Burjak district and 50-kilometers road in the province was underway. 
Engineer Farid, acting head of rural rehabilitation department said at least 704 different projects worth 305 million afghanis had been implemented during the past 11 years.
He went on to say other projects included 200 electricity projects, 111 road graveling, 21 education projects, 61 irrigation projects and 99 safe water supply schemes.
“The Zaranj City water supply scheme is one of the important projects for the people of the province with a cost of 13 million afghanis. The water supply project has 45- kilometers length, which will help supply water from Qala-e-Fath to Zaranj city,” he added.
He said despite digging as many as eight wells, some water reservoirs with the capacity of 1, 200 cubic meters had been constructed. And also 48% of the projects and 85% of pipeline extension had been completed.
He informed 120 meters-cable-bridge over Helmand River in Chahar Burjak district was going on.
Residents of the province while expressing satisfaction over the reconstruction activities had demanded the government to initiate more rehabilitation projects.
Shah Mohammad, a resident of the province told Pajhwok Afghan News Nimroz was an undeveloped province and its people were leading their lives amid poverty and many problems. He said they had been facing potable water shortage and the government should adopt measures to resolve the problem.
He said President Hamid Karzai had visited the province and promised the people to resolve their problems but nothing could be done so far. He said the province was in grip of certain problems, which hampered development projects.
A resident of the Kang District complained still some of the schools had no proper buildings, which needed immediate attention of concerned authorities.
He said most of the youth of the province were jobless, demanding that reconstruction projects should be initiated to create job opportunities for the people on the one while on the other it would help develop the province.