1-Awashtoon Cultural Society:
Founded in 1387, the Awashtoon Cultural Society is registered back in 2008 with the ministry of justice. The society focuses on promoting cultural, social and journalistic activities in Paktia province.Awashtoon Cultural Society holds multiple poetry functions, seminars, cultural program, formal and informal gatherings and workshops of public awareness on various issues of greater social importance in Paktia. Dr. Mohammad Naeem is head of Awashtoon Cultural Society while Mohammad Dawood Tapan is assistant head.  Samiullah Paiwand is its finance in charge.
Contact No: 0706837349  
2-Loya Paktia Cultural Center:
The Loya Paktia Cultural Center is established in 2007 in an attempt to encourage the educational, social and cultural programs.Sayed Jamal-u-Din Asif is the head of Lolya Paktia Cultural Center. It has a formal license from ministry of justice.
Contact No: 0797272546
3- Sahar Sports and Cultural Center:
Founded by Gul Karim Sahar back in 2003, the Sahar Sport and Cultural society activities are spread throughout the districts and province. It focuses on sports related issues.The center brought up hundreds of youths in different fields of sports. In addition, the center is being registered with the ministry of justice and arranges many cultural and social programs.
Contact No: 0773740201
4-Khwazasht Art Society:
The Khwazasht Art Society is founded in 2009. Despite art related programs, the society is active to hold programs on other social issues in Paktia province.Khayal Mohammad Ahmadzai is the head of the society while Samiullah Paiwand is its assistant. The society arranges several programs so far.
Contact No: 0700686467
5- Doctors Health Care Society:
Founded in 2008 by the group of Paktia doctors, the Doctors Health Care Society main objective is looking after the health related issues such as arrangements of doctors, scrutiny of medicines and maintaining better relationship between government health institution and private health institutions.The society has hundreds of members who hold annual elections to choose their leader. Dr. Nazir Sharafat is its head.
 6- Paktia Press Club:
The Paktia Press Club is the initiative of Paktia journalists founded in 2010.The club has membership of 25 national and international media outlets while the main objective of Paktia Press Club is providing facilities to the journalists looking after the daily affairs of media persons and maintaining good relationship between journalists and government. Despite all these efforts, the club brought up more than hundreds professional youths in the field of journalism.Ihsanullah Mahjor is the head of the press club while Bakhtullah Saqib is the assistant.
Contact No: 0708838393
7- Tribes Union Civil Society:
The Tribes Union Civil Society is founded by the tribal elders in 2008. Is membership comprised of the tribal leaders who resolve the disputes of tribes express their opinion about national and regional issues and look after other related issues.Its head is Habibullah Mustan. The society has several members.
Contact No: 0799556988
8- Zurmat Art Movement:
Founded in 2006 in Zurmat district by the modernists, the movement has greater membership on district level and arranges art and cultural related programs. The programs attract audience from several districts.Ustad Shah Mahmood Muntazir is the head of this society.
Contact No: 0700611824
9- Zazi Baba Art Society:
The modernists of Zazi Aryub area founded the Zazi Baba Art Society in 2006 in the district.The Society arranges programs on art and culture with the help of writers and poets having its membership.Dina Gul Shafiq is the head of the society.
Contact No: 0799475891
10- Sahar Cultural Society:
The Sahar Cultural Society is founded back in 2001 in Tsamkani district. The society focuses in cultural programs with Abdullah Gul Ikhalsyar is its head. It has the membership of several individuals.
Contact No: 0706641500