GARDIZ (PAN): The residents of Paktia noticed considerable improvement in the overall security situation but expressed their concern over the roadside bombing blats and mid-night military raids elsewhere in the province.
Some districts of the province such as Zurmat, Shawak, Gardah Seria, Wazi Zadran are among the insecure areas where militants of Haqani network in Janikhel, Malvi Mansoor group in Zadran, and Hizb-e-Islami in Zazi districts have sanctuaries from where they stage attacks in various parts of the country.
The residents of the area said foreign troops conducted several military operations in Zurmat, Seranoand and other parts of the province. Many soldiers and people were killed or injured while others were detained without substantial reason or arrest warrant. He said it was the major problem of the people.
Rahim Gul, a resident of Zurmat district said several families shifted to safer areas because of mid-night and unexpected military operations.
In his chat with Pajhwok Afghan News, he said mid-night operations saw decrease up to 80% now; however, the only factor contributed to the woes of the residents was roadside bombs which inflicted losses on civilians.
Majority of the residents expressed satisfaction over the security situation of the province, saying that the province was more peaceful as compared to the past.
Noor Wali Shah, resident of Shawak district said: “militants lost control on groups and attacks on foreign troop’s convoys but the firefight used to continue for hours, however, after improvement in the security such attacks have been halted.”
He informed the sources of instability were peace and security in the province and IEDs attacks and ambushes by militants on daily bases.
Some residents of the province reported increase in the roadside bomb attacks in the capital Gardiz and surrounding localities.
Naqib Ahmadi, resident of Gardiz city said his hometown witnessed multiple explosions recently leaving several people dead or injured including women and children. He said the explosions took place near roads and squares within the city.
“People are in phobia and worried as far as security is concerned. They don’t go out door a lot or spend limited time in the market due to fear of explosions and armed attacks,” he remarked.
The city is vulnerable to intruders and burglars who attack people, they said.
Mohammad Asif, a shopkeeper said attacks were still taking place to rob shopkeepers and currency exchangers in order to snatch cash amount.
After such events the shopkeepers are not interested to keep their shops open till late night. The businessmen on the contrary close down their business and leave early in the evenings.
Another resident Asif said that anti-social elements and criminals blocked the nearby city roads in every five kilometers, stopping cars and snatching money from commuters.
Mohammad Zaman Gardizi, police chief of Paktia province reiterated resolve and commitment of police and security forces to bring every criminal and insurgent involved in the recent attack to justice. Gardizi said few insurgent groups were trying to derail the security of the province, adding but police would not allow anyone to sabotage the peace.
Mian Khail Zazi, provincial head of complaining commission of provincial council alleged that members of parliament, provincial council and other institutions of interference in affairs of security administration for their personal vested interests.
“The core issue is lack of coordination among several institutions, which paved way for uncertain situations in Paktia,” the police chief added.
He informed fresh operation against militants had been conducted, resulting in the arrest of several criminals.
Gardizi admitted kidnapping of businessmen for ransom and robbing shopkeepers was a matter of greater concern, adding that efforts were on to nab the culprits. He said that sometimes the watchman of shopkeeper turned out to be intruder.
Highlighting measures of peace and security in the province, Paktia police chief said deployment of ALP in the destabilized districts such as Zazi Aryob Tsamkani and Ahmad Khel districts were kept in mind to protect the people.
After a positive feedback the deployment of more ALP was a part of the plan, he remarked.
Another reason for peace and stability in the province was the all out extended support of the residents with the security forces and hatred from Taliban and other insurgent groups, the police chief remarked.
Abdul Wali Sahi, assistance of Paktia governor said security was a matter of concern for the entire country, adding it was his force responsibility to provide full proof security to the restive province.
Everyone knows that militants were coming from Pakistan with special reference during the arrival of summer, the Madrassas of neighboring country close down for infiltration of insurgency in Afghanistan. He said Pakita was sharing border with Pakistan that’s why militants sneaks into the province from Pakistan.