1-      National Radio Paktika:
Among the vibrant media outlets, the National Radio Paktika has affiliation \with the Ministry of Information and Cultural Affairs. Besides Paktika, its transmission can be received in parts of Paktia, Ghazni, MaidanWardak and Logar districts.It presents 12- hours transmission. It is financed by the Ministry of Information and Cultural Affairs.
2-      Radio Tolana;
Founded in 2012 by AzizullahAmeeri, the privately owned Radio Tolana is among the most active source of medium in the province. It has around 13-hours transmission. The radio gets its financial assistance by its commercial advertisements and partly by Baba Saifi Construction Company. The radio has 12 employees.
Contact No: 079849001- 073764041
Email: Tolana.fm@gmail.conm
3-      Milmah Radio:
Established in Urgon district of Paktika in 2011 by Yaqoub Khan, the Milmah Radio is met its expenses through its commercial advertisements.It broadcast 12 programs. It has ten employees.
Contact No: 0778869192- 0777620537
Email: Milma.fm@gmail.com
4-      Pashton Voice:
Considered among the vibrant radios, the voice of Pashton Radio is founded in 2008 by Mohammad Nabi Hamdard.Besides Paktika, the transmission of voice of pashton can be received in Paktia and Ghazni provinces. Its ten employees help broadcasts around 12- hours programs. Commercial advertisments are a source of its revene generation.
Contact No: 0798258979- 0796007363
Email: pashtonvoice@yahoo.com  
5-      Paktika- Sharana Magazine:
Founded in 2011, the Paktia- Sharana Magazine is the affiliated publication of the Department of Information and Cultural Affairs.
6-      Fikri Raghon:
Founded by Governor Mohibullah Samim in 2012, the Fikri Rghaon is quarterly published magazine, which focuses on political, social and cultural issues.