SHARANA (PAN): Provincial authorities said Paktika was in dire need of building multiple projects and to develop the entire infrastructure by keeping in view the bright future of the country.
The officials said during the last few years, the far-flung province was heading on path to progress and development after completion of few rehabilitation projects.
Some residents while rejecting the claims of rehabilitation in the province said much more was needed to be done for substantial development. 
Paktika Governor Mohibullah Samimi in his chat with Pajhwok Afghan News said several schools and hospitals had been built in the province during the rehabilitation program in the last few years.
He went on to say out of 36; as many as 20 hospitals had been built while buildings for three more clinics would be completed during the current fiscal year.
The governor informed at least 95 schools out of 344 were provided with buildings while the construction of remaining schools would be completed during the current year. 
He said nine years before none of the provincial government departments had infrastructure including the governor office, however, now more than half of the provincial government departments had furnished buildings.
Since two years, a housing scheme had been initiated in the capital of Paktika for government employees and some of its parts had been completed such as roads and streams, he informed.
The scheme includes the allocation of around 1,000 pieces of land for housing, which would be distributed among the government employees.
Engineer Hafizullah, head of provincial public works department in his chat with Pajhwok Afghan News said in the past few years, 154-kilometers roads had been constructed.
Giving minutes detail of development activities, he said Sharana-Ghazni, Sharana-Zarghon, Shahar, Sharana- Mata Khan roads leading to Sar Rawza and Omna districts had been constructed. He said during the 2013, the construction of 70-kilometers long road in some areas of Paktika and another road of Surobi had been built.
He said roads and highways within the city had been constructed except the Urogon second road, which was in dilapidated condition and the construction work would start soon with an estimated cost of $ 300,000.
The residents of Paktika while showing satisfaction on the ongoing rehabilitation process said Paktika was still far backward as compared to other provinces.
Mohammad Akbar, a tribal elder and resident of Sharana city said the province had suitable plain areas for agriculture and majority of the residents were associated with agriculture. He complained the government did not focus to promote the agriculture sector on modern lines.
The development of agriculture sector would help remove economic woes of the people of the province, he assured.
He informed the survey for construction the vital Palto dam had completed; however, construction work on the direly needed dam would be started yet.
He said the Palto dam had the ability to irrigate thousands of acres of lands, which would not only beneficial for the growers community but the overall Paktika economy would flourish.
Salim Khan, a resident of Janikhel districts demanded the implementation of direly required projects, saying the large scale reserves of oil in Janikhel area could fulfill the growing energy demand of the people of the area.
He said the government was not paying attention to tap the available natural resources despite the fact that oil reserves were discovered during the soviet occupation’s era.
Abdul Ghani Paktin, member of Paktika provincial council said the residents of far-flung areas such as Katwaz and Urgon were deprived of the basic necessities of life such as health, education and clean drinking water.
Saifu Rahman Shahab, a resident of provincial capital while criticizing the quality of construction in the province, said multiple roads have been paved within the capital and other districts but the construction quality was not up to the mark.
Alhaj Mohammad Rasul, another tribal elder of Paktika said the implementation of rehabilitation projects were not up to the measures as demanded by the locals.
He expressed satisfaction by saying that education and health sector had been strengthened in the province, adding the government move to initiate further development projects would win greater help and support of the locals.