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Sunday, October 27, 2013 - 15:45

PARAKH (PAN): Demanding creation of more employment opportunities, residents of the volatile Panjsher said enhanced jobs’ prospects would level ground for bolstering security and education elsewhere in the province. 
However, people of various districts had their different demands but most of them urged the government should explore working opportunities for the people, which would help ensure easy access to education.
Raid Panjsheri, a resident of Anabi district and a university student said government did not provide employment opportunities for the youth of the province.
Talking to Pajhwok Afghan News, he said: “I am an educated man but the province has no jobs or education facilities for the youth of the province.”
Most of the people were living in far-flung areas of the province with zero education or employment opportunities, he added.
“The government is needed to launch short computer and other courses for the welfare of youth in the remote villages. And steps should be taken to remove grievances of common people,” he added.
Another resident of the provincial capital said business activities had been hampered in the central city, demanding the government should explore venues to facilitate the investors and business community.
The government, he demanded should establish warehouses and cold storage facilities, which would help keep the agriculture products safe.
Firoz Baya, a school teacher complained the teaching staff was getting low wages and other remunerations, demanding the education department to take serious measures to remove the grievances of teachers’ community.
He urged the government to announce a residential facilities for the teachers as other provinces had established township schemes for teaching staff.
“Panjsher has small agriculture land, which offers lack of business opportunities as well. So, it is extremely difficult for a teacher to meet his/ her family expenses in this era of inflation,” he noted.
Yelda, a resident of the capital city said even a single step could not be taken to facilitate women folk of the province. She demanded the government was needed to work out a comprehensive plan to create work opportunities and establish education facilities for women in the province.
Abid, a resident of the provincial capital said most of the localities were deprived of electricity at a time when the province had greater opportunities for building more dams.
The province got millions of dollars but electricity could not be supplied to most of the villages, he complained.
Abdul Wadood, a taxi driver and resident of Anabi district expressed concern that most of the roads were in dilapidated condition and bumpy, forcing his community to spend the money they were earning on their vehicles’ mechanical work.
The concerned departments should help build main routes of the province, which would multiply business activities in the province, he added.