53- Maulvi Mula Muhammad Faizai :
Elected Senator,
Maulvi Mula Muhammad Faizai is the son of Fai Muhammad. He is born in 1973 in Paryan district of Panjshir province. He has bachelor degree in Islamic Sharia Law. He served as teacher, principal of a high school, education director in Paryan and Anaba districts of Panjshir province, educational department cultural of Panjshir province, in charge of the presidential and parliamentary elections from 2004 to 2005, deputy cultural council Karwan Qalam and member of Qalam and head/chairman of the district development council.
Contacts: 0706676610-0786884881-0778824963 
54- Alhaj Muhammad Alam Aizadyar :
Elected Senator,
Son of Alhaj Muhammad Aslam, Alhaj Muhammad Alam Aizadyar is born in 1963 in Paranda village of Bazarak district in Panjshir province. He received his bachelor degree in law and political science. Earlier, he served as a teacher and principal in a school in Panjshir, director of Sobeh-e-Pirozai gezette, assistant of Jihad exhibition, Albironi educational assembly head in Peshawer,  head of foreign news department at Afghanistan's Bakhtar news agency, deputey of Bakhter news agency general department, head of information and cultural in Parwan province, deputy of Aria news (Dushanbe Tajikistan), the founder and president of Peace Radio, head of Afghanistan radio and several other organizatons. He was also an active member of the Islamic society untill Mujahidden victory.
Contacts: 0700274689-0772122004     
Email: ma_ezedyar@yahoo.com
71- Lailuma Ahmadi:
Selected senator,
Daughter of Haji Muhammad, Lailuma Ahmadi is born in 1964 in Kabul province. She hails from Bazarak district of Panjshir province. She received her baccalaureate degree in 1981 from a mechanical institute.
Contacts: 0799330560