The Parwan province has ten administrative units including the capital city.

  • Charikar:

The Charikar city is the capital of Parwan province. It is situated on Kabul’s Northern Afghanistan high way alongside the Pajshir and Ghorband Rivers,
Some Charikar residents are government employees while others associate with the business of manufacturing knives and the rests are farmers.
The orchards of grapes of the Charikar are popular thought out the country while the Gul Gondi valley is the most attractive place in the city attracting thousands of tourists every year. Back in 1960, the city had the largest textile factory in the country.

  •  Salang District:

The Salang district is located 15 kilometers to the north of the capital. It has an estimated population of 24,900 individuals. The Salang district main profession is agriculture and livestock.

  • Sayed Khel District:

Sayed Khel district is located six kilometers to the north of Charikar. The occupation of its residents is agriculture with bumper wheat and grains production. The estimated population of the district is 43,700 individuals.

  • Jabal Saraj District:

The Jabal Saraj district is located 10 kilometers to the north of the province. The inhabitants are agrarian while the population is estimated 61,000 individuals.

  •  Shinwari District:

The Shinwari district is located 30 kilometers to the west of the capital Charikar. The residents associate with the profession of agriculture with apricot, cashew, grips, pears and other fruits are popular locally and abroad. It population is roughly estimated at around 39,400 individuals.

  • Ghorband District:

The district is located 20 kilometers to the southwest of the capital with the main occupation of the residents is agriculture, livestock and orchards. Its population touches the figure of 92,500 individuals.

  • Surkh Parsa District:

Part of Ghorband valley district, the Surkh Parsa district is located at a distance of 40 kilometers from the provincial capital. Its population reaches to 39,100 individuals who are mainly associate with the orchards business.

  • Shikh Ali District:

Amongst the Ghorband valley districts, the Shikh Ali district is located 40 kilometers to the Northwest of the capital. Its population touches the figure of around 23,600 individuals. Orchards are the main profession of the residents.

  • Bagram District:

The Bagram district is located eight kilometers to the east of Charikar. The people of the locality are associated mainly with the grapes orchards. Its population stands at 99,100 individuals.

  • Kohi Safi District:

The district is located 15 kilometers to the east of the capital. The inhabitants of the district are agrarian with a total population of 29,600 individuals.