55 – Malika Mayel Zada:
Elected Senator
Daughter of Muhammad Ismail, Malika Mayel is born in central Parwan province in 1960. She completed her high school and completed her diploma from a college. Earlier, she served as teacher at Hura Jalali school, supervisor at Abitab Organization, head of literature department at Tajrobavi high school, headmistress at Number Yak girl’s school and then served as principal at Bibi Hawa high school.
Contacts: 0705720418
56 – Maulvi Mir Hamdullah Munib:
Elected Senator
Son of Mirbaz, Hamdullah Munib is born in the Syed Khel district of central Parwan province in 1971. He studied religious education till 14 grades. Earlier, he served as teacher at Parwan seminary and a member of Parwan provincial council.
Contacts: 0799437966
90 – Ayatullah Mir Husain Sadiqi Parwani:
Elected Senator
Son of Noor Ahmad, he is born in the first municipality district of capital Kabul in 1937.  Parwani hails from Surkh-i-Parsa district of the province. He completed his religious education at home and later served as a teacher in different seminaries. He also worked as deputy to late President Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani during Jihad against the soviet. Presently, he serves as director of the high council of Wahdat-i-islami party.
Contacts: 0794404435