1 – Dunia Radio:
Dunia Radio was established in central Parwan in 2010. It airs programs from 5: 00am till 12:00pm. Its financial expenses are met with the help of commercials and partly by its owner. The radio has 50 employees and is headed by Abdul Alim Saqib.
Contacts: 0700295862
2 – Voice of Peace Radio:
The radio was set up in central Parwan by Zakia Zaki in 2010. It relays programs from 6: 00am till 12: 00pm and then again from 4: 00pm till 10: 00pm. The radio has 16 employees while it is financially supported by its owner. Abdul Ahad Ranjbar is its editor-in-chief.
Contacts: 0700277843
Emails: radio_peacezool@hotmail.com
3 – Parwan Biweekly:
Being established by the Ministry of Information and Culture in 1952, the Parwan Biweekly has a circulation of 1,000 copies that are being distributed throughout the country. It has four employees while the Ministry of Information and Culture meets it financial related expenses.
Contacts: 0799741739
4 – Payam Shahar Monthly:
The monthly was formed by the municipality of Charikar city in central Parwan in 2009.  With thousands of its copies are printed each month, Payam Shahar monthly is financially backed by the municipality itself. It has nine employees.
Contacts: 0700598357
Email: ghafar_raafi@gmail.com
5 – Tolo Khurshid Radio:
The Tolo Khurshid Radio is set up by a public representative Samia Sadat in central Parwan in 2012. It broadcasts programs for 20 hours with Hamid Jabari is its editor-in-chief.
6 – Ilham Radio Television:
The Ilham Radio Television is established in central Parwan in 2012. It relays 24 hours programs from the capital Charikar city. Sayed Qasim Hashimi is its editor-in-chief.
Contacts: 0791500200
7 – Sapidar Biweekly:
The Sapida Biweekly is functioning from Bagram district of central Parwan. It is formed in 2013 with Abdullah Danish is its editor-in-chief.
Contacts: 0788535155