PULI KHUMRI (PAN): Though the rehabilitation projects are underway in the province, Baghlan governor alleged the previous administration did not properly implement the rehabilitation policies.  
Baghlan Governor Sultan Muhammad said 4,000 small projects of dams, schools, clinics, protecting walls, bridges and roads had been completed in different districts of the province during the past five years. He expressed concern by saying large scale projects could not be completed by the previous administration, which would help generate more employment opportunities.
He went on to say Baghlan was an important province in northern zone of the country and was in dire need of more development including power dams, textile factories of Afghan-Pulikhumri and construction of cold storage facilities for keeping fresh fruits and vegetables.
He reiterated rehabilitation projects were not allocated on merit basis as the total number of clinics in Nahrin district reached to seven while there were few personnel in the clinics having limited access to patients.
 “The Nahrin district needs two more clinics keeping in mind the demography of the district while the expenditures of remaining five clinics can be spent on recruiting professional staff for the clinics so that people would get benefit from advanced treatment,” the governor remarked.
He said: “Until now, a single kilometer road cannot be paved. The failure of Public Works Ministry in the construction of 52-kilometers Dushi-Puli Khumri road caused great embarrassment for the central and provincial government and commuters.”
The newly elected Baghlan governor said the construction of 10 kilometers road within PuliKhumri city and hospital were parts of 40 new projects at his hand now. The construction of Doshi-Puli Khumri road was also included in the plan, he informed.
Abdul Qdeer Khurram, head of governor house sector said 400 projects including the construction of roads, schools, protecting wall and building other infrastructure were underway in different districts of Baghlan. 
Giving minute details of the rehabilitation projects, he said 309 projects were implemented by the Ministry of Ruler Development, 34 by the department of education, 20 by river authorities, 11 by the department of agriculture, 14 by the municipality department, 11 by the department of public work and the rest of the projects are proceeded by the department of pilgrims, department of oil and gas, public health and radio and television.
Similarly, the construction of university and hostel for girls is also underway and the responsibility of the projects’ construction is with the ministries due to its small scale nature, he added.
The head of governor office said multiple projects including the construction of 15-kilometers road in Puli Khumri city, airport in area of Dashti Khwajah Alwan, industrial park and few cold storages for agriculture related purposes have been proposed to different NGOs, however, their reply was yet to be received.
Muhammad Faisal Sami, member of provincial council said Baghlan province witnessed greater destruction during civil, adding there was dire need for vast rehabilitation. The provincial rehabilitation team (PRT), foreign NGOs, and ministries have completed the rehabilitation projects in different areas, however, they were not up to the mark to satisfy the demand of the people, he noted.
He went on to say the governor and member of provincial council should work together to draw the attention of central government to approve some rehabilitation projects for Baghlan province.
He said the construction of 45-kilometers road of Khinjan-Dih Salah was the only successful project in this regard.
The governor said construction of Kilgili dam in Dushi district, reconstruction and rehabilitation of first and second electricity dam for the textile factory of Puli Khumri and the construction of road for the heavy vehicles outside Puli Khumri city were among the large scale projects; however the projects would yet to be made operational.
Muhammad Naseem, a student of first year economics faculty at Baghlan University said the government didn’t launch projects of economic importance in the province despite the fact that Baghlan’s environment was suitable for greater investment.
He noted if the government unleashed investment in agriculture, power generation, textile, cement, demining of gold and other means in the last decade then  it would now generated thousands of job opportunities for the youth of the province and rest of the country.
Lauding government efforts for carrying out large number development activities, Aqa Mohammad Nasir, head of village council in central Baghlan district expressed satisfaction by saying they did not expect reconstruction of such a huge magnitude in a decade.
The resident of Mangal village went on to say during 2001 to 2006, people used to travel on animals but today the road was constructed and every home in the village had electricity.
Qari Nasir said people did not support the government in the rehabilitation program that’s why projects of huge magnitudes could not be initiated.