1 – Payam-i-Samangan:
Payam-i-Samangan is backed by the cultural committee of provincial governor’s office in 2007. It covers social and cultural issues and has over a dozen of employees. It is headed by Fathullah Wofi.
Contacts: 0799292923 
2 – Hokmat Wa Mardom Monthly:
The Hokmat Wa Mardom Monthly is run by the governor’s office in northern Samangan province. It has eight employees. Mohammad Sidique is its editor-in-chief.
Contacts: 0777550122 
3 – The Voice of Provincial Council:
Functions under the supervision of provincial council, the magazine was set up in 2009. Miss. Hanifa Amin Poor, a member of provincial council is headed the magazine.
Contacts: 0777124132
4 – Aibak Weekly:
The Aibak Weekly has started its activities in northern Samangan province in 2003. It has four employees. Mohammad Hashim Sarwari heads the weekly.
5 – Haqiqat Radio:
The radio is considered one of the active media outlets in northern Samangan province. It was established in by Internews back in 2004. The radio broadcasts programs from 5:00 am till 12: 00 pm and covers 45 kilometres of area. Financial expenses are being met through its commercials. It has 10 employees. Sayed Ahsanullah Quraishi is in charge of the radio.
Contacts: 0700549827
Emails: Haqiqat_radio@yhaoo.com
6 – Rustam Radio:
Rustam radio is known as one of fasat-growing media organizations in northern Samangan. It was set up by Amirullah Qayumi in 2010 and broadcasts programs from 5: 00 am till 3: 00 am. The range of its coverage is about 50 to 70 kilometres. The radio has 18 employees with Shafiqullah Mantiqi is its editor-in-chief.
Contacts: 0799201079
Emails: amir_qayomi@yahoo.com
7 – Sharwand Radio:
The radio was established by Ahmad Jawed Afghan in 2010. It broadcasts programs from 6: 00 am till 11: 00 am and its coverage area is about 30 kilometres. It financial expenses are being met through personal investment and has eight employees. Wajiha Ahmadi heads the radio.
Contacts:  0787794330
Emails: afg1383@yahoo.com
             8 – Takht-i-Rustam Weekly:
The Takht-i-Rustam Weekly is established by Najibullah Khuram in 2010. About 500 copies of the weekly are being circulated in Samangan, Kabul and Balkh provinces. It has nine employees. Najibullah Khuram is editor-in-chief of the Takht-i-Rustam Weekly.
Contacts: 0794917681
Emails: khoram2011@gmail.com
9 – Nizafat Monthly:
The Nizafat Monthly is established by Aibak municipality in 2009. About 700 copies of the monthly are being printed and distributed in Samangan province each month. It has five employees. Bashirullah Faizi heads the organization.
Contacts: 0799164671
10 – Samangan Magazine:
Being know as one of an emerging magazine in Samangan, the magazine is set up by the department of information and culture in 1978. It has six employees. Abdul Ghafoor Momand heads the magazine.
Contacts: 0799292923