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Sunday, September 15, 2013 - 11:15

AYBAK (PAN): Samangan residents say they will take part in the upcoming elections with enthusiasm.
A widow: We will participate in polls in an attempt to address our miseries.
Nasreenah, a resident of Hazrat Sultan district said her husband was martyred during Jihad against Soviet forces. She has two daughters and three sons.
During the continued spell of civil war followed by Taliban regime, she said it was extremely difficult for her to run the day to day affairs of her kids. She said she, however, learned the art of weaving---a lone source of revenue generation to feed her kids.
Nasreenah has done a commendable job to get her kids educated upto higher education and provided opportunities for her daughters to learn art of handcrafts.
“My entire family will participate in the elections in an apparent attempt to resolve woes of poverty-stricken families like ours,” she added.
Farmer:  I want to contribute to the formation of a new government by casting my vote.
Mirza Hussain 52, a resident of Feroz Nakhcir district in Samangan province for years he was leading a peaceful life in his hometown.
“I cultivate my land and feed my family,” he added.
He said he would vote in favour of his choice candidate so that he could contribute in the establishment of new government.
He said former rulers and government did not represent people rather they were kings or their successors.
“Farmers community has been facing several problems in the agriculture sector and we hope our problems will be resolved with the formation of new government,” he added.
A daily wage Laborer: I noticed a slight change in my living as compared to the past.
Mohammad Mukhtar, a resident of Aybak city said laborers were searching for work elsewhere in the province but it was the peace and security in the province they made people happy and to live in their province. He expressed optimism the scourge of unemployment would be tackled after the much-awaited elections process.
He called on his fellow community members to collectively participate in the ballots, adding that polls should be conducted in a fair, free and independent way.
“People should choose a right person as the next president who has the capacity to run the affairs diligently,” he remarked.
A disable person: I participate in elections to help in establishment of a suitable government:
Shafiullaha resident of Aybak city in Samangan said he lost his right leg after an explosion during Taliban rule.
Shafiullah earned his livelihood from his small shop in his locality selling toys and other stuff for kids.
He said he saw some positive changes in his life style but at the same time coming down hard on the government by saying that the relevant departs did not do any commendable job to facilitate the disable people of the country.
“I will, for sure take part in the upcoming elections to contribute in the formation of a stable government,” he added.
A government official: Taking part in elections is as important for me as my job.
Engineer Mohammad Din, a resident of Aybak city in Samangan and employee of electricity department said he proud to be a government employee and a resident of this country.
The country is moving on path to progress during the last couple of years, he said, adding that keeping in view the past development, it was imperative to take part in the upcoming elections to keep the momentum of the country’s development.
A student: We need to demonstrate maturity during elections.
Nazefah , a resident of Aybak city and student of 11th class said after the establishment of transition government, she started education and soon would be able to get higher education.
She said the establishment of a legitimate government was imperative for the country to keep education process moved on path to progress.
“I am determined to participate in the elections,” Nazefa added.
Returning immigrants: I am keenly waiting to participate in elections.
Mostafa, a resident of Ruyi Du Ab district in Samangan said he returned to his locality from Iran four months ago.
He said poverty and rampant unemployment forced him to travel to Iran for work but he returned without earning enough money for his family.
“I am now a farmer and work in my own field and I am much happy here to be among my family,” he added.
He expressed enthusiasm to participate in the upcoming polls.
“After the elections, the widely expected peace and stability in the country will encourage other migrants to return back to the country,” he added.
An NGOs employee: I will encourage others to participate in the elections.
Mohammad Naeem, an employee of WFP in Ayabk city of Samangan said holding of free and fair elections was the only way forward to remove the widespread uncertainty in the country.
“I personally encourage people to participate in the upcoming elections with dedication and commitment,” he added.