35- Rafiullah Haidari:
Elected Senator from Kunar province,
Son of Haji Sher Agha, Rafiullah Haidari is born in 1975 in Asad Abad district of Kunar province. He studied up to 14th grade. He served in various capacities such as teacher, head master, head of teachers association, presenter at kunar Radio and Television, deputy at Sayed Jamal-u-Din civil society and deputy in the ISCC construction company.        
Contact: 0700642209
Email: haidari.kunar@gmail.com
36- Alhaj Muhammad Amin Safi:
Elected Senator from Kunar province,
Alhaj Muhammad Amin Safi is the son of Amir Muhammad who is born in 1960 in Kunar. He studied up to 14th grade. He has 15 years brilliant experience and served as commander in Jamiat-e-Islami party in Kunar.
Contact: 0700640795
69-Roshan Ara Alkozi:
Elected Senator from Kunar province,
Rosahn Ara Alkozi is the daughter of Mir Ahmad. She is born in 1963 in Sarkano district of Kunar province. She studied up to 14th grade. She discharged her duties in various capacities. She worked for the ministry of labor, social affairs, martyred and disabled, Wattan kindergarten, formers cooperatives, and also served as a teacher.
Contact: 0799601981
83-Gulhar Jalal:
Selected Senator from Kunar,
Daughter of Alhaj Malik Rehmat Noor, Gulhar Jalal is born in 1967 in Narrai district of Kunar province. In 1989, she received her baccalaureate degree. She served as an MP in the 15th tenure. Currently, she is member of high peace council. 
Contact: 0700673161.
Email: gulharjalal@yahoo.com