1.      Simaye Mehr Private TV :
Simaye Mehr private TV is one of the vibrant media outlets in Takhar province. It was established by Atiqullah Nazari in 2007.  The TV airs eight hours programs every night from Takhar center with the covering around 40 kilometres.  The TV is run with private budget and commercial revenues.  It has more than 30 employees. Currently, it is the most watched local television network in the province, which is headed by Najibullah Nazari.
Contact: 0700717273
Email: najeeb_nazari@yahoo.com
2.      Simaye Mehr Radio:
Simaye Mehr Radio is the sister chain of Simaye Mehr Television network on FM and was established in 2009.
The radio airs programs for 18 hours, from 6.00 am to 12.00 pm at night with financial budget of its proprietor and commercials revenues. It has 15 male and female employees. In addition to Taloqan city, it covers Hazar Somuch, Farkhar, Kalafgan and Baharak districts as well.
Contact: 0700707220
Email: semahmehir_rtv@yahoo.com
3.      Radio Raihan:
Radio Raihan is one of the fast-emerging media, which is run by females in Takhar. It was started by the Internews organization in 2013. Its expenses are being met through its commercials. It has more than 17 employees who work voluntarily. The radio airs programs for 24 hours on FM 87.9 and most of its staff members are women led by Kamila.
Contact:  0700707220
Email: atiq_nazari@yahoo.com
4.      Radio Takharistan:
Radio Takharistan is known a free and independent media established by Dr. Mohibullah Noori in 2003. The radio broadcasts on FM 90 frequencies. It is the first media covering Taloqan city, Farkhar, Bangi, Eshkamish, Hazar Somuch and Baharak Districts.
It has 16 employees and airs political, social, cultural, religious, health, education and entertainment related programs for 18 hours. Currently, Mohammad Nadir Azizi heads the radio.
Contact: 0700777799
Email: nima_azizi@yahoo.com
5.      Radio Aikhanum: 
The radio was established by Internews in 2007. It airs 24 hours programs covering Kunduz and part of Baghlan province. It is headed by Ataullah Obaidi, a local journalist with 17 employees. It generates revenues from its commercials to run the day to day expenses.
Contact: 0700889889
Email: at.obaidi@yahoo.com
6.      Radio Hamsada:
The radio is one of the active media established in the province. Ms. Simin Hussaini had launched broadcasts in 2008, the current member of provincial council. The radio airs programs for six hours from 6.00 am to 12.00 pm with covering around 40 kilometres area. The expenses of the radio are being met by Ms Hussaini’s personal budget and partially through its commercials. It has 15 employees.
Contact: 0705504504
Email: hamsada_fm@yahoo.com
7.      Afghanistan National Radio:
The radio is one of the vibrant public-run media that airs local programs for two and half hours. It broadcasts programs of its central station. The radio has gained popularity among its listeners and broadcasts on FM. It is headed by Ziaul Haq Sharifi, the employee of the local radio and television.
Contact: 078866669657
Email: zeaulhaq.sharifi@yahoo.com
8.      Birlek Radio and Television: 
The Birlek Radio and Television is among the audio and video media outlet, which was established by Mohammad Alim Sai, former Jawzjan governor in 2012. The TV airs programs in two separate timings from 6: 00 pm to 12: 00 pm at night and from 6: 00 am to 1:00 PM in the afternoon and then from 3: 00 pm to 12: 00 pm at night. It mostly broadcasts programs in Uzbeki language that covers the center and surrounding areas of Taloqan. The radio is run with the help of private budget and its commercials. It has more than 30 employees.
Contact: 0705001494
Email: berlik_rtb@yahoo.com
9.      Jawan Daily:
The newspaper is relatively active in the province, which was established by a Najib Motahhar in 2006. The newspaper has circulation in Kunduz, Takhar, Badakhshan, Kabul and Balkh provinces. Its copies are being distributed among several organizations and higher ranking government officials in the center and provinces through email. The Jawan Daily has eight employees and its financial budget is being provided by the government staff and departments’ subscriptions.
Contact: 0700020006
Email: najib.mutahari@yahoo.com
10.    Awaa-e-Kokcha Weekly:
It is one of the active media outlets in Takhar, which was established by Simin Hussaini in 2003, the sitting provincial council member. The weekly is being circulated in Kunduz, Badakhshan, Kabul and Balkh provinces. The Awaa-e-Kokcha Weekly is headed by Mohammad Arif Danishjo, one of the local journalists with the help of eight employees.
Contact: 0705960970
Email: arefdanish2@gmail.com
11.    Khurasan Weekly:
The Khorasan Weekly is an emerging media outlet within the provincial Department of Information and Culture. The weekly has 1, 000 copies circulation in Takhar province free of cost. The weekly has five employees and its expenses are being provided by the Information and Culture.
Contact: 0706408038
Email: atiq.sahil55@yahoo.com
12.    Hokomat Dari Monthly: (NOMA)
The monthly was established by the press office of Takhar governor. Its proprietor was Abdul JabbarTaqwa, former governor of Takhar. Its financial expenses are being provided by GIZ, a German organization. It prints around 1, 000 copies, which are being distributed in the center of Takhar and some other provinces.
Contact: 0707376226
Email: s.timor@gmail.com
13.  Najwa Monthly:
It is among the free publications of Takhar. The monthly was established in 2012 by Shafiq Poya, a local journalist. It mostly covers socio-cultural events. It has around 1, 000 circulation in Takhar. Its expenses are being provided by personal of its proprietor. It has four employees.
Contact: 0700725940
Email: shafiq.pooya@gmail.com
14.   Khorshid Monthly:
Khurshid monthly is published by Women Affairs Directorate in order to reflect the activities of the directorate such as violence against women, provision of employment opportunities for women and achievements of women. In addition, it publishes socio-cultural articles as well.
Razm Ara Hawash, head of Women Affairs Department heads the monthly. It has around 500 copies’ circulation in Takhar province.
Contact: 0700765707
Email: Khurshid_weekly@yahoo.com