43- Hila Asakzai Maskinyar
Elected senator
Hila Asakzai Maskinyar is the daughter of Ghulam Nabi. She is born in 1971 in Khas Urozgan district of the province. She has his bachelor degree in economy, political science and sharia law. After completion of midwife training, she worked as field coordinator during elections. Maskinyar also discharged duties as health supervisor with the WHO. She served as district council and worked as chairperson for UNDP in the province.
Contact no: 0794414460 
44- Alhaj Amanullah Azimi
Elected Senator
Son of Haji Abdul Azim, Alhaj Amanullah Azimi is born in 1965 in Tarinkot city--- provincial capital of Urozgan. Though he is uneducated, he is a leading tribal elder with broad-based experience in disputes resolution of tribals.
Contact: 0797647907