Uruzgan province has eight administrative units including the capital, Tarinkot. Earlier, the province had six districts but recently two more district are created bring its number to eight.
Dihrawood, Chora, Gizab, Charchino and Khas Uruzgan are the districts, Tarinkot, the capital, while Chinarto and Surab districts are the two new districts, which status as a district is yet to be officially recognized.
1-      Tarinkot:
Tarinkot occupies a centeral position as the capital of Uruzgan province. Bordering Kandahar and Daykundi provinces, the district has military and civil airports and other government departments.
Tarinkot has agrarian land, and is famous for trade and commerce activities. People from rest of the district prefer to live in the capital city because of more opportunities of work.
2-      Dihrawood:
The district is located 35 Kilometers west of Tarinkot. Helmand River flows through the district, which helps irrigate vast cultivable land of the district. Dihrawud is blessed with agricultural lands and green orchards while the district produces wheat, corn, rice and watermelon in a large quantity.
People of the district show greater interests in learning and getting education. Most of Dihrawud’s residents are settled abroad.
3-      Chora:
The Chora district is located 35 Kilometers northeast of Tarinkot. The main occupation of the people of the district is agriculture and livestock. A very small number of Chora residents live in the city.
Its dense forest and historical sites contributed to the beauty of the district. The sites, which attract tourists, include Tori Chani, Karwan Gondi, Nikah Jan Ziarat, and Mazar Ziarat.
4-      Charchino District: (Shaheed Hasas)
The district is situated 60 kilometers north south of Tarinkot. It is a mountainous district.
Its residents associate with the occupation of agriculture. The district mainly produces wheat and corn.
5-      Gizab District:
Gizab district is located 70 Kilometers south of Tarinkot city. Helmand River flows in the heart of the district. Agriculture is the main occupation of the dwellers of the district. The district has vast orchards.
6-      Khas Uruzgan:
The district is situated 40 kilometers north of Tarinkot city. Its area is mainly covered by mountains that are why its weather is comparatively cold.
As far as education is concerned, it is a more developed district. A large number of boys as well as girls go to schools in KhasUruzgan. Pashtoon and Hazara tribes reside in the district.