1.      National Radio of Uruzgan,
The National Radio started its broadcasts in Uruzgan in 2001. The radio has 14- hours broadcasts with one hour news presentation from Kabul and half an hour from Ashna Television. The radio’s broadcasts were halted following a suicide attack two years back, however it started airing programs later.
2 – Voice of Uruzgan:
The Voice of Uruzgan has been established in 2008 with the financial support extended by ISAF and is established by Sadiq Afghan. The radio has 24-hours broadcasts. It has ten employees.
Contact: 0798008788
3 - Voice of Paywastoon Radio:
The radio is established by Matiullah and has 14-hours broadcasts. Matiullah afford all its expenses. The radio has 11 employees, running its operations.
Contacts: 0707116668 – 0703003007
Email: ayil.co2010@yahoo.com