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Saturday, July 27, 2013 - 09:45

Tarinkot (PAN): Complaining of a host of problems, the people of Uruzgan province expressed their concern by saying that their province is totally neglected in terms of development with most of the residents have no access even to basic needs of life.
Haji Bismullah, a resident of provincial capital Trinkot, said the central government did not extend any help to develop the province with the exception of paving of some meters road.
“You will see dust and mud everywhere in the city whenever there is rain or dust storm, which are the main factor of spreading diseases in the province. People have no access to basic needs of life. The province has no hotel and guests from other provinces coming here find it difficult to find accommodation for a night,” he remarked.
Haji Abdul Qayyum, a resident of Trinkot told Pajhwok Afghan News that against the backdrop of construction of new buildings close to residential areas, have created problems for the people. “The newly built high buildings prevented sun rays enter to their homes while female cannot walk inside their homes because of being watched from the buildings. Despite repeated complains, the concerned authorities did not pay attention to resolve their legitimate demand,” he added.
Sayed Ahmad, another resident of Trinkot said that security in the city is completely deteriorated with civilians as well as the security forces come under attack even in the broad day light. At a time when there is no security in the provincial capital how the security in the districts will be, he questioned.
Haji Amanullah, a resident of Dehrawood district, said that the government did not extend the cooperation they are needed. Education sector faces many problems including absence of professional teachers, proper buildings for schools and textbooks, he added.
Ismail Khan, a resident of Charchino district, says that the residents face problems in education, health and water sectors demanding of the government to help resolve their problems. Sidiqullah, another resident of the same locality told Pajhwok Afghan News that the education in his area is in shambles and in many localities, many children have no idea what the school is.
He complained that the education department is reluctant to address the problem. Though some school buildings have been built in some areas but are no students while authorities use them as their property.
Not only residents of the districts but people of the provincial capital also complain of worsening education situation. Haji Mira Khan, a resident of Trinkot, told Pajhwok Afghan News that officials of the education department are not interested to discharge their duties efficiently, adding that their attitude lead the new generation to face more challenges. He said that the dilemma is that there is no professional teacher on the one hand while on the other teachers have no attendance in schools but their salaries are being paid.